How to Hide Your Real Email Address

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How to Hide Your Real Email Address

Given that virtually all online jobs need you to sign up with an email address, this becomes a crucial piece of information. But how can you keep your email secret while communicating or signing up for services that you require?

There is an easy solution: utilize email aliases (or email cloaking services) to conceal your email address. So, just what is an email alias? How can you conceal your email address? What would be the point?

What Is an Email Alias?

An email alias is an extra email address that sends all messages to the inbox of the same account.

For example, if you have an email address, you might use Your email alias may be or, which seems to be a separate account but links to the same mailbox.

Some email services allow you to establish aliases for free. However, this is generally restricted to a few aliases. As a result, you may need to hunt for specialist email alias providers to complete the task.

If you use “Sign in with Apple” for websites, Apple will create an email alias for you to keep your email address hidden.

Why Do You Need to Hide Your Email Address?

An attacker cannot get a point of contact for phishing assaults if you keep your genuine email address concealed.

If your account does not have two-factor authentication (2FA), not disclosing the email address (which is often the username) may also help avoid brute force login assaults.

Whatever service or mailing list you subscribe to, everything is vulnerable to a data breach. As a result, if you do not give your actual ID, your email address will not be shown.

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Once an email address is made public, it is quite possible that your inbox will be overwhelmed with spam, making it difficult to keep your account tidy.

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What You ShouldKnow Before Using an Email Alias

What else can an email alias service assist you with now that you know why you need to keep your email address private? When should it not be used?

Here are some benefits of using an email alias service:

  • Manage spam and stop incoming emails to a certain alias.
  • Create new aliases and remove existing ones with ease.
  • Sign up for a service you’re not sure about.
  • Subscribe to many newsletters while also being able to prevent spam campaigns.
  • To keep your true address confidential, send emails using aliases.

While there are several advantages to employing an email cloaking service, when should you not use one?

We recommend avoiding an email alias service for:

  • Banking communications.
  • Email conversation that requires a consistent point of contact.

Best Email Alias Services to Hide Your Real Email ID

Here are some of the most popular email alias services that you may use to hide your genuine email address.

SimpleLogin is an open-source email alias service with an emphasis on privacy.

It allows you to generate unique identities for each website. If you need to secure more than one email address, you may have numerous mailboxes and an infinite number of aliases. SimpleLogin also allows you to send responses using your aliases if you want to contact with them while remaining anonymous.

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You may specify the custom domain for your aliases if you own a domain. It also supports PGP encryption for enhanced protection and privacy.

For your convenience, SimpleLogin provides Android and iOS mobile applications.

To begin, you are given a free plan with certain limits. The annual premium plan costs $30. You may also choose an enterprise plan to install it for your company.

If you want complete control over how it functions, you may self-host it on your server.

Highlights of SimpleLogin

  • Open source.
  • Offers iOS and Android apps.
  • Unlimited email alias.
  • Custom domain support.
  • PGP encryption support.
  • Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions are available.

Another email alias service that tries to enable anonymous email forwarding is AnonAddy.

It allows you to create an infinite number of aliases. You may also send an email using your alias, with numerous recipients per alias.

If you wish to use AnonAddy for work, you may also add custom domains.

It, like the preceding option, supports PGP encryption. Unfortunately, there are no mobile apps available if you require it on the move.

To begin, you are given a free subscription with restricted aliases and bandwidth. If you wish to use all of the services, the annual subscription costs $36. There is no business providing it.

It is also an open source project that you may self-host.

Highlights of AnonAddy

  • Open source.
  • Unlimited email alias.
  • Custom domain support.
  • Support for GPG/OpenPGP encryption.
  • API access.
  • Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions are available.

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Firefox Relay is a basic email cloaking service with a restricted number of aliases.

It should be useful if you already use Mozilla Firefox as your browser. It does not allow you to create custom domains and only allows you to use a few aliases linked with their domain.

Fortunately, it is completely free to use and open source.

Highlights of Firefox Relay

  • Designed specifically for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Free to use.
  • Open source.

Protect Your Identity with Email Aliases

An email address is required for practically every online service.

Setting up an email alias may be an additional step with added annoyance, but it does allow you to mask your true email address and handle spam in your inbox.

It is free to try these services; just do so to reap the rewards.

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