How to Get Exclusive Android Games That Aren’t on the Google Play Store

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How to Get Exclusive Android Games That Aren’t on the Google Play Store

There are several Android games that are not available on the Google Play Store. They are often found on third-party websites as alternate sources for APKs, however they may not be the safest choice.

TapTap overcomes this problem by providing a secure platform with extra advantages and functionality. There are several pre-existing games on the Google Play Store, as well as a few unique titles to the app. Here’s how to put it to use.

What Is TapTap?

TapTap is a third-party app store for Android that works similarly to the Google Play Store. You may sign up for an account, download applications and games, and post comments and reviews on any of the app’s titles.

One of its distinguishing aspects is its array of exclusive titles. Many are only accessible for download via the store, but for others, you may sideload APKs from other third-party sources on Android. Some of the app’s games need a TapTap account to play online multiplayer, while the vast majority enable you to connect in with your Google account.

TapTap isn’t accessible on Google Play, so you’ll have to go to the website to get it.

Download: TapTap (Free)

What Exclusive Games Can You Get on TapTap?

It’s worth noting that while hosting games on the TapTap app, game makers have greater leeway. TapTap is less stringent with titles, therefore some will have less censorship and more payment options than those available on the Google Play Store.

The following are some samples from the entire list of TapTap exclusives:

  • T3 Arena
  • Torchlight: Infinite
  • Sunless City
  • Tales of the Neon Sea
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How to Install and Set Up TapTap

To begin, download the app and then wait for the notice when it is done. On your Android browser, you may get a popup asking for permission to install applications from unknown sources. To skip the message, go to Settings > Apps > [your browser] > Install Unknown Apps > Allow from this source.

If you miss this step, you’ll see a succession of warnings when you attempt to download it, beginning with one warning that the file may be hazardous. Tap Allow from this source > Settings > Download anyhow. After downloading the APK, touch the notification to begin the installation. The next step is to set up a TapTap account.

Create a TapTap Account

When you first launch the app, you’ll get a login page with two choices. You can instantly check in with your Google account or sign up with an email address. After joining up, you’ll be asked to pick a profile name and profile photo, as well as reveal your gender.

TapTap then asks you to choose up to six genres to personalize results to your tastes. The last step is to choose three or more games in order to identify relevant titles after you’ve logged in. That’s all there is to it; you’re ready to go!

When you first attempt to download a game, you may be prompted to provide TapTap access to your storage to store downloads and to enable it to install programs from unknown sources. To accept these, just follow the onscreen instructions.

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TapTap: An App Store Worth Trying

Many current developers want for a platform with less constraints. TapTap hosts titles that would otherwise be restricted or blocked by the Google Play Store. Best of all, the platform’s game installation procedure is simple and straightforward.

TapTap is only one of many Android app store alternatives. Some of them provide actual benefit, both in terms of privacy and allowing you to circumvent some of Google’s limits on which applications it is ready to give.

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