How to Get Apple’s Student Discount

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How to Get Apple’s Student Discount

Apple is well-known for its high-quality and fashionable goods. However, they come at a significant cost, which is often too expensive for students.

Fortunately, the corporation recognized this and has made a variety of their products more accessible in higher education.

Are you a student seeking for a MacBook to help you finish your studies? Or do you want a new iPad for watching movies in your leisure time? Here’s how to get your hands on the Apple Student Discount.

What Devices Does the Apple Student Discount Apply To?

The Apple Student Discount applies to all Macs, MacBooks, and iPads. This means you can acquire a MacBook or MacBook Air for less than the initial pricing, and the iPad Pro and iPad Air devices are the same.

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If students want a bigger screen, they may also get the iMac, Pro Display XDR, and other Macs.

On the Apple Education Store, all items are available at student rates. You may also obtain a discount at an Apple Store if you produce the required documentation (more about that later).

What Kinds of Education Discounts Can You Expect?

You’ll receive a bigger discount on desktops with the Apple Student Discount than on iPads. Students and teachers, for example, may get an iMac for as low as $1,049; a 24-inch version of this device normally begins at $1,299.

If you want something smaller, MacBook discounts are also available. A Macbook may be purchased for as little as $899, as opposed to the original price of $999.

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While an iPad may not save as much money in total, it is much less costly with the Apple Student Discount. The iPad Pro costs $749 with the Student Discount (retail prices start at $799 for 11-inch displays and $999 for 12.9-inch variants).

Apple student pricing for a regular iPad begins at $309; prices usually range from $329-559.

The Apple Student Discount isn’t limited to devices, though. You can also benefit from half-price on Apple Music, paying $4.99 per month for up to four years. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ is free for students.

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Who Qualifies for the Apple Education Discount?

If you want to know how to get the Apple Student Discount, you’ve come to the right place. To access the company’s lower-priced products, you need to fall into one of three categories.

The first is being a further or higher education student, provided you’re aged 16 or above. You need to have enrolled in a college, university, or post-high school establishment, with proof through either a document or ID.

If you’re not a student continuing your education beyond high school, there are still chances to get the Apple Education Discount. Parents of students can also buy the products for less, as long as they’re buying it for their child and not for themselves.

Apple Education Store pricing is not limited to students alone, though. People working in the education sector can also enjoy discounted Apple products. To qualify, you need to have a job within higher or further education institutions—or at a university.

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People working in higher education, like students, must demonstrate that they are employed by one of these institutions. The discount also applies to those working in higher education who are not instructors.

Home-schooling instructors may also purchase Apple education devices.

How to Get the Apple’s Education Discount If You’re a Student

The process for obtaining an Apple Student Discount differs depending on where you are in the globe. Aside from utilizing the US shop if you live in the US and the UK version if you live in the UK, the authentication procedure differs significantly.

In general, just visit Apple’s Educational Online Store or chat with a representative at a real Apple Store.

Verification is not usually required in the United States. However, this does not imply you should attempt the system since you may be asked at random and may be required to present evidence of eligibility if this occurs.

Proof of eligibility is required in all circumstances for UK users. You may do so by free enrolling up for UNiDAYS, visiting an Apple Store, or phoning the firm.

Now You Know How to Get the Apple Student Discount

Apple’s goods are pricey for a reason: their technology is among the finest available. So, if you qualify, the Apple Student Discount is a wonderful opportunity to purchase high-quality items at a cheaper price.

Now that you know how to receive the Apple Student Discount, peruse Apple’s product assortment to see if anything catches your eye. Just have your paperwork handy in case you’re requested to provide evidence of eligibility.

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Even if you are not eligible for the Education Discount, you may save money on Apple items. Consider purchasing reconditioned gadgets or exchanging your current ones.

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