How to Generate Temporary Email Addresses Using the Linux Terminal

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How to Generate Temporary Email Addresses Using the Linux Terminal

Email inboxes function similarly to a digital mailbox for receiving crucial communications. Many websites ask you to sign up using your email address before you can use their services or goods.

Giving your personal or professional email address to dubious websites, on the other hand, might result in a packed inbox full of unsolicited newsletters, spam, and potential data breaches. You may be tempted to utilize a temporary email service to prevent this.

Learn how to do so directly from the Linux terminal.

Tmpmail is a command-line utility that creates and receives emails on a disposable email account using the 1secMAIL API. To protect your anonymity, the email address produced by this service automatically self-destructs after a certain period of time.

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To install this utility on your Linux system, use a terminal emulator and enter the following command:

curl -L "" > tmpmail && chmod +x tmpmail

The following command is applicable to all Linux distributions. If you’re using Arch Linux or one of its variants, you may also install the package from the Arch User Repository. Here’s how you do it using yay:

yay -S tmpmail-git

To ensure that your installation was successful, execute the following command and verify that the script is operational:



Generating Email Addresses and Receiving Emails

Run the following command in your terminal to create a random email address:


The result will give you a temporary email address to utilize.

Instead, use the following command to create a custom email address using the 1secMAIL domain:



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You may check all emails received on the last temporary email account you created with this command:


This will show all of the emails, as well as their ID, sender, and topic. To display a specific email address, use the following command:

./tmpmail <mail-id>


If you want to see the most recent email you received, use the -r parameter as follows:

./tmpmail -r

Combat Spam With Temporary Email Addresses

When you need to give your email address to a website you’re not sure about, you may use this command-line program instead. You no longer need to worry about preventing spam emails.

If you prefer a web user interface to a command-line interface, here are several choices to consider.

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