How to Forward Calls on Android and iPhone

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How to Forward Calls on Android and iPhone

Call forwarding is a method of routing calls to another phone number. It’s accessible for both Android and iPhone, and it’s simple to set up. You may use it to prevent annoying business calls while on vacation, for example. You may also have calls forwarded to another phone if your primary device is down.

The functionality is activated in a few easy steps. Similarly, resolving issues with call forwarding is rather simple. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to utilize call forwarding on iPhone or Android. We’ll help you through the process.

How to Use Call Forwarding on iOS

Setting up call forwarding on the iPhone is simple. You only need to go to Settings and make the following changes:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Phone.
  3. Select Call Forwarding.
  4. Select Call Forwarding > Forward To from the menu.
  5. Enter the phone number to which you want your calls forwarded.

Calls will now be forwarded to the number you provided on your iPhone. Also, if you’re forwarding calls to a landline, specify the area code.

You should choose a number depending on the reason you wish to utilize call forwarding. If you just do not want to be bothered, divert calls to a phone number in another place. If you’re at home, for example, you may divert calls to your work phone. You may redirect calls to your home phone while on vacation.

However, you may also forward the message to a friend or family member’s phone. If your iPhone is experiencing reception or signal problems, you might think about doing this. This allows you to continue taking critical calls.

To turn off call forwarding on your iPhone, return to this menu and hit the Call Forwarding toggle button again. It will return to the white “off” state, and your calls will not be forwarded.

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How to Use Call Forwarding on Android

It’s also rather simple to configure call forwarding on Android. To get started, use the Phone app. Following that,

  1. Select the More option (which looks like vertical three dots).
  2. Select Settings. Depending on your phone and Android version, you may need to hit More settings or Call settings following this.
  3. Choose Call forwarding.
  4. Choose one of the four choices available:
  5. All calls are always forwarded to the chosen number.
  6. Select Forward when busy if you only want to reroute calls while you’re already on the phone.
  7. Unanswered forwards only when you do not reply to a call.
  8. Finally, Forward when unreachable distributes calls only when your phone is out of range, in airplane mode, or switched off.
  • Enter the phone number to which you want your calls forwarded. If you’re forwarding to a landline, be sure to input the area code again.
  • Tap Turn on to confirm.
  • On Android, you may disable call forwarding by following almost the same steps. You must touch on each option you’ve enabled and then hit Disable.

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    Another Way to Forward Calls on Android and iPhone

    You do, however, have another option for forwarding calls on either Android or iPhone. This entails making use of your cell carrier’s call-forwarding service. If you are in the United States, please follow the guidelines below.

    If you use a GSM carrier such as T-Mobile or AT&T:

    1. Open the Phone app.
    2. Dial **21* but do not connect the call yet.
    3. Enter the phone number to which you want your calls forwarded.
    4. Press # followed by the call button.
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    If you use a CDMA carrier like Sprint or Verizon, follow the same procedures as before, except in step 2 dial *72 instead.

    After completing the above procedures, you should hear some form of confirmation message or sound, regardless of your carrier. It’s also worth noting that you may enable call forwarding for purposes other than all incoming calls by dialing a separate code.

    For example, with Verizon, you may set up forwarding solely for unanswered calls by dialing *71. Sprint customers must call *73.

    Finally, if you are not in the United States, you should be able to utilize the same service. Call forwarding is available from the great majority of mobile providers in Europe and other parts of the globe. The only difference is that they may ask you to call anything other than the instructions listed above.

    Check with your cell provider before attempting to set up forwarding via it.

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    What to Do When Call Forwarding Isn’t Working

    Call forwarding on iPhone and Android is normally straightforward, although it may sometimes fail. The biggest problem is that calls do not forward and you continue to receive them on your original phone.

    Fortunately, there are many remedies you may attempt to overcome such situations.

    • Make certain that you type the correct number. It may seem apparent, but having wrong numbers is just as worthless as having no numbers. You should double-check the number you’ve entered and ensure that it’s active.
    • Turn off mobile data and then back on. Some cellphone companies propose shutting off cellular data and call forwarding, then setting them both back on again in assistance forums. On iOS, go to Settings > Cellular, and on Android, go to Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network.
    • Restart your device.
    • You need update your phone. Learn how to upgrade iOS if you have an iPhone. Go to Settings > System updates on Android.
    • Reset the network settings on your phone.
      • If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to do this.
      • You should also go to Settings if you have an Android phone. Select System > Advanced > Reset settings from the menu. You will be given the choice to reset your Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth. Choose Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.
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    If you can’t locate the call forwarding option, it’s most likely because your cell carrier hasn’t enabled it on your account. In this scenario, you must contact your carrier to enable the option.

    Call Forwarding on Android and iPhone is Easy

    Hopefully, you won’t need to attempt any of the troubleshooting steps listed above, since call forwarding is often a simple and effective function. Use it the next time you don’t want to be bothered by phone calls.

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