How to Force Cortana to Use Chrome & Google in Windows 10

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How to Force Cortana to Use Chrome & Google in Windows 10

Updated by Tina Sieber on 23 February, 2017.

Cortana serves numerous masters, but her true master is none other than Microsoft. Microsoft made its Edge browser and Bing search engine the only options for Cortana search results in April. Cortana, in other words, will disregard your normal browser configuration.

Microsoft may have valid reasons, but whether or not you choose to follow Master Chief’s choices is entirely up to you. We’ll teach you how to override Master Chief’s instruction and force Cortana to utilize your usual browser and search engine.


  1. Cortana may still launch search results in your preferred browser as of February 14, 2017 (Build 15031, Windows 10 Insider Preview).
  2. We’ve included an alternate tool called EdgeDeflector to the one we first suggested (SearchWithMyBrowser) (see below).
  3. In addition, the previously suggested Chrome extension for redirecting Bing searches to Google has been removed from the Chrome web store. Instead, please use Chrometana (see below).

Cortana Search Basics

Previous versions of Windows had a search bar in the Start Menu. The cursor would home in the text area whenever you pressed the Windows key, which still opened the Start Menu, enabling you to search your computer. The search bar was relocated from the Start Menu to the Taskbar in Windows 10, however it may be hidden or shrunk to the circular Cortana symbol. To extend your choices, right-click the Taskbar and choose Cortana.

While you may still search by pressing the Windows key, another Windows 10 keyboard shortcut to be aware of is Windows key + Q. You can ask Cortana anything in either instance. She will open the Best match after you press Return after typing your search. You may also use the up and down arrow keys to choose different results, or hit TAB three times to move to search categories, which might help you narrow down your search.

Cortana will search online if she cannot locate a result. This is when things might get difficult.

Why Microsoft Tied Cortana toEdge and Bing

According to Microsoft, “Cortana was built to operate with Microsoft Edge and is powered by Bing” in order to provide “end-to-end personal search experiences.” You may, for example, ask Cortana to show you nearby eateries, assist you with concert ticket sales, or troubleshoot hardware problems, which will bring you to Bing-exclusive video support solutions. Other search providers are unable to deliver the same customized experience.

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Microsoft chose to make it more difficult to utilize other browsers and search engines with Cortana in order to defend Windows 10’s integrated search strategy. Microsoft can ensure a “personalized, end-to-end search experience” by combining Cortana with Edge and Bing since they have complete control over how these services process search queries.

On the other hand, Microsoft may flood you with personalized offers, adverts, and services based on your preferences. This, in turn, will fulfill Microsoft’s desire to generate income in the software-as-a-service market; every Bing click counts.

If you’ve been using Cortana and Bing search results in Microsoft Edge, we suggest sticking with the default settings. Otherwise, here’s how you may assist Cortana in breaking Master Chief’s curse…

How to Make Cortana Search in Your Default Browser

1. EdgeDeflector

EdgeDeflector may be downloaded from GitHub and copied into a folder of your choosing for permanent storage, such as “C:Program FilesEdgeDeflector.” Then launch the application and wait for it to setup your machine. At this point, you may need to reboot to activate the last dialog necessary to configure the redirection or…

If the dialog does not appear, you may manually pick EdgeDeflector. Go to Apps > Default apps > Choose default apps by protocol in Windows Settings (Windows key + I). Locate the MICROSOFT-EDGE item and click Choose a default. When you select this, a menu with choices, including EdgeDeflector, should appear.

When you use Cortana to search the web again, Windows should prompt you, “How do you want to open this?” Select EdgeDeflector and Always use this app, then click OK.

More information on EdgeDeflector may be found in this article by its developer, Daniel Aleksandersen.

2. SearchWithMyBrowser

The previously disclosed vulnerability in this utility has subsequently been corrected, and the developer has included an easy installation. If you already installed this program, follow the steps below to remove it.

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Install SearchWithMyBrowser

Go to GitHub and search for SearchWithMyBrowser. Then, at the top right, click the green Clone or download button, pick Download ZIP, wait for the download to finish, then extract the ZIP package (right click > Extract All…).

To create the software, go to the folder where the files were extracted (SearchWithMyBrowser-master) and execute the make.cmd file. You may also manually build the application by following the instructions on GitHub.

Run the install.cmd file to install the application and allow it to make registry modifications. A command window will appear, prompting you to relocate SearchWithMyBrowser.exe to a permanent place of your choosing, then paste the path to its new location, including the file itself, into the command prompt, e.g. “C:UserstinasDownloadsSearchWithMyBrowser.exe.” The dialog also instructs you on how to copy the file path.

To remove the quotations, go between the front and rear of the file path using the left and right arrow keys.

When the file path seems correct, press Enter followed by any key to continue. Windows will then prompt you to How would you want to open this? Select SearchWithMyBrowser.exe and press OK.

Reboot and Select the App

Restart your computer now! Several users responded to tell us that this step was required before the adjustment would function. The comments also verified that the settings continue to function with the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 version 1607. It is also functional in the Creators Update Insider Preview.

Cortana will ask you again which app to use the next time you use her to search the web. Check the box next to the same option as mentioned above. Use this app at all times. Cortana will now always open search results in your preferred browser. This worked without restarting Windows for us, although other customers complained that it did.

Again, you may make the necessary registry modifications manually, as explained on GitHub.

Uninstall SearchWithMyBrowser

To revert Cortana of its normal behavior, open an elevated command prompt (Windows key + X > Command Prompt (Admin)) and type the complete path to SearchWithMyBrowser.exe, followed by the command /unregister. In my instance, it seems to be as follows:

"C:\Users\tinas\Downloads\SearchWithMyBrowser-master\SearchWithMyBrowser.exe" /unregister

You may also manually delete the following registry entries:

The specified language : registry does not exist'
Code generation failed!!

Follow these instructions at your own risk to alter the registry: To open the Run menu, press Windows key + R, type regedit, then press Enter. Search for and delete the registry entries shown above in the registry editor.

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How to Make Cortana Use Your Preferred Search Engine

If your browser does not automatically redirect Bing searches to your chosen search engine, you may accomplish this behavior using a browser extension.

Chrome extensions to redirect your search:

  • Chrometana

    Search is supported by Google, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo! The download page indicates that it is broken, however once installed,


    It will function properly. We previously discussed Chrometana as a method to

    make Cortana forget that Bing exists


  • Requestly

    , is a robust HTTP request management plugin. After installation, go to and configure it.

    Replace Bing With Google


It should be noted that utilizing a browser extension to reroute your search queries may cause a little delay.

Hey Cortana, Thank You for Collaborating!

Cortana is a capable digital assistant that can aid you in organizing your life.

It’s true that you will have the greatest experience, if you utilize the tools that were meant to interact with Cortana. However, Microsoft shouldn’t presume that they know what’s best for you, which is why solutions like the ones discussed above exist.

That being said, you should enjoy Cortana to the maximum before disconnecting her from Master Chief or fully disabling Cortana.

What has your experience been like with Cortana? Have you ever gotten tailored Bing search results that you truly liked? What motivates you to utilize Cortana in conjunction with your usual browser and search engine? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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