How to Fix Steam if It Stops Downloading Games

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How to Fix Steam if It Stops Downloading Games

Because of its enormous game catalog and the ability to share games with other Steam users, Steam is the gateway to the gaming world for many individuals. Even though Steam is one of the most popular venues for purchasing and playing games, it will sometimes stop downloading games without notice or explanation.

If this has occurred to you and you don’t want to miss out on the fun, consider this list of Steam downloading alternatives.

First… Restart Your Computer

Restart your computer or laptop before blaming Steam. Restarting your device is always the first step in troubleshooting since it clears various system states and caches, as well as releasing locks on files or other resources.

If this does not resolve the problem, we will move on to additional options.

Check if Steam Is Online

There’s a possibility you went offline by accident. To test this, go to the Steam menu in the upper left corner and see whether the Go Offline option is accessible. If you seem to be online, go offline and wait for the change to occur. Steam will prompt you to restart your computer. Then, reconnect to the internet.

Repair Steam Library Folders

Your Steam library folder contains all of the installed games on disk, and their files might get damaged at times. This prevents the directories from updating correctly since they are no longer readable. Repair the Steam library directories to resolve the issue.

Navigate to Settings > Download > Steam Library Folders in Steam. Then, right-click the folder and choose Repair Library Folder from the menu that appears.

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Remove Steam’s Download Cache

We are not discussing clearing cache from your Windows, macOS, or internet browser, since this may have no impact on your situation. To download games again, clear the Steam download cache. This will cause the Steam client to discard the locally cached structure and get it from the Steam servers.

Open the Settings menu on your Steam account. After that, go to Downloads > CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE.

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Change Steam’s Download Region

Steam separates download servers into geographical zones, and it will choose one for you. The region is determined by your current IP address, and Steam will choose the nearest server to you to deliver the greatest performance.

However, traffic in your geographic location may overburden servers, slowing them down, or cause a hardware breakdown, adding to download difficulties. To resolve this, briefly switch download zones to utilize a new set of Steam servers.

Navigate to Settings > Downloads > Download Region in your Steam account. Use the drop-down option to experiment with various areas to find which one works best.

Reinstall Steam

If you decide to attempt this method, be sure to reinstall Steam in the same spot where it is presently installed. This will keep all installed games safe.

Allow Steam Through Firewall in Windows

Your firewall may prevent Steam from connecting to its servers. Allow Steam past the firewall for public and private networks to resolve issue. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Navigate to View by and pick Large or Small icons.
  3. Windows Defender Firewall should be selected.
  4. Allow an app or feature via Windows Defender Firewall from the left-hand menu.
  5. Select Change Settings and tick both the Private and Public boxes.
  6. Start Steam and see if the issue remains.
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Check Local Files

If Steam is unable to download updates for one of your games, verify the integrity of the installed game files and have Steam resolve any issues that are discovered.

Navigate to your Steam library to verify the game files’ integrity. Then, right-click the game and go to Properties > Local Files > Verify Game File Integrity.

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Turn Off Overclocking

Some Steam users try to overclock the hardware to achieve better performance by running the system outside of the manufacturer’s suggested settings. While this allows you to play more games without updating your PC or laptop, it should be disabled since it might cause file or memory corruption.

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You’re probably waiting for the download to finish so you can play your new game. While determining the specific reason of Steam not downloading games may be challenging, this article will assist you in resolving this issue.

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