How to Fix “Check Your Connection and Try Again” in Google Play Store

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How to Fix “Check Your Connection and Try Again” in Google Play Store

As an Android user, you’ve definitely encountered your fair share of app and operating system problems. One of the most typical issues is with the Google Play Store.

If you continue to encounter “Check your connection and try again” in the Play Store, Google Assistant, or other applications, try the solutions below. These methods should work on the majority of Android versions.

Fix Incorrect Date and Time Settings

Many applications demand that your phone’s date and time settings be appropriately setup in order to work effectively.

If you haven’t previously, you should verify and adjust your date and time settings by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings, then System, then Date & Time.
  2. Turn on the Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone toggles.

Your phone should now display the correct date and time.

If it doesn’t work, set the date and time to four years in the future, open the Play Store, dismiss it, and then use the automated date and time option. This workaround may assist in resolving the problem.

Remove the Hosts File

To describe how you connect to different internet services, your phone needs a file called hosts. This file sometimes has difficulties, causing numerous services, including the Google Play Store, to fail to work on your phone.

One solution is to erase the hosts file from your phone. This should have no negative effects on your device and may resolve your problem.

To erase the hosts file, you must first root your phone and then follow these steps:

  1. Install a free root explorer application such as Solid Explorer File Manager (you can sideload this app on your Android device).
  2. Open the app, then pick the cog symbol from the menu at the top.
  3. Return to the main interface after enabling the Show root storage option.
  4. Open the etc folder on the right after selecting Root from the sidebar.
  5. Locate and remove the hosts file.
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Change the DNS Server

It’s possible that there’s a problem with your DNS servers, preventing your phone from resolving IP addresses. This might restrict you from using a variety of online services.

Changing your DNS servers is one solution. You may use Google Public DNS, which is usually available.

Here’s how you configure those DNS servers on your phone:

  1. Tap the cog symbol next to your Wi-Fi network in Settings > Wi-Fi & network > Wi-Fi.
  2. At the top, tap the edit icon.
  3. Select Static from the IP settings menu after expanding Advanced options.
  4. In DNS 1, enter and in DNS 2.
  5. Tap Save after entering a custom IP address in the IP address box.

Check the Play Store to see whether the “Check Your Connection and Try Again” error has been resolved.

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Use Other Google Apps

Because your phone is unable to connect to Google servers, the Google Play Store displays “Check Your Connection and Try Again.”

When problems like these emerge, one solution is to force a connection to the Google servers. Using other Google applications on your phone to begin and create a connection to the Google servers is one method.

This strategy may or may not work, but there is no harm in trying it. Open a Google app, such as Google Maps, and navigate around a few maps to employ the strategy.

Then, open the Google Play Store and see if it works.

Clear Cache and Data for Google Play Store

Google Play Store, like other applications, keeps cache and data files on your device. You may try deleting these files to see if it solves your problem.

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Here’s how to do that:

  1. On your smartphone, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Storage & cache, then Clear cache, then Clear storage.

Any changes you’ve made in the Settings will be lost, and you’ll have to reapply them the next time you run the app.

Disable Your VPN

A VPN redirects your internet connection, which might occasionally interfere with your phone and the Google Play Store servers. If you use a VPN on Android, turn it off before opening the Play Store.

While there’s no certainty that disconnecting a VPN would solve the “Check Your Connection and Try Again” problem, it’s worth a go.

Remove Your Google Account and Re-Add It

It’s possible that the problem is with your Google account. In this scenario, you may delete your account from your phone and then re-add it.

This should resolve any account-related difficulties, and here’s how to delete and re-add your account:

  1. Launch Settings, pick Accounts, and then locate and select your Google account from the list.
  2. On the subsequent page, choose Remove account.
  3. After removing the account, go to Settings > Accounts and press Add account to re-add your Google account.

Factory Reset Your Device

If nothing else helps to resolve the “Check Your Connection and Try Again” problem in the Play Store, the last option is to restore your device to factory settings.

This will erase everything of your data, including settings and applications. If anything was wrong with your phone, this should solve it.

Before you begin, create a backup of your crucial data on your Android smartphone. Then do the following reset steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then System, and then Reset options.
  2. To begin resetting your smartphone, tap Erase all data (factory reset).
  3. To reset your device, follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Set up your gadget from the ground up.
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Making the Google Play Store Accessible Again on Android

The Google Play Store is where you obtain the majority of your applications, and if it goes down, you won’t be able to download or update your installed apps.

Fortunately, the options listed above should help you address the “Check Your Connection and Try Again” error, allowing you to login to the shop and view your purchases. They should also assist you in resolving any other internet connection issues you may be experiencing on Android.

When accessing the Google Play Store, you may experience a variety of problems. Fortunately, you may resolve the majority of these concerns by using one of the several solutions accessible.

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