How to Find the Best Google Slides Themes for Your Presentations

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How to Find the Best Google Slides Themes for Your Presentations

Creating a great presentation from start is a difficult undertaking, particularly if you lack strong design abilities. So, rather of spending hours selecting the correct colors and fonts, choose and tweak a template.

Fortunately, there are various websites that provide free Google Slides designs and themes. Here are the seven finest sources, as well as instructions for adding templates to Google Slides.

Slidesgo features hundreds of Google Slides and PowerPoint presentation templates. All of the templates are stunning and professionally developed, with the majority of them including more than 20 slides.

The collection includes a wide selection of templates for many categories. There are presentation templates for meetings and marketing, for example.

Templates come in a range of styles, such as futuristic, minimalist, formal, illustrative, and cool. Even better, some templates are available in a variety of colors. Though most slides are in the 16:9 ratio, there are several.

You may search for the best Google Slides templates by color, style, license, format, grade, and topic.

Although it is mostly a resource of free Google Slides templates, it also include some commercial designs. Furthermore, if you’re on the free plan, Slidesgo needs you to contribute credits. Slidesgo’s monthly membership costs roughly $6 if you’re interested.

SlidesCarnival is a presentation template collection for Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Canva.

Though SlidesCarnival provides templates for various events, the majority of them are generic. As a result, regardless of their use, everyone will find them useful. You may search for templates by keyword or filter by color, style, and subject.

The majority of the designs include 25 slides as well as supplementary resources like as icons, graphs, and maps. SlidesCarnival’s assortment includes a range of colors and styles, allowing you to choose based on your needs.

You can expect these templates to be professional and well-thought-out since they were created by an experienced interface designer.

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SlidesCarnival is a 100% free platform that allows you to utilize templates for business or personal reasons. However, you must provide credit to the site.

PRESENTATIONGO features a large variety of visuals, diagrams, maps, and tables for presentations in addition to hundreds of free Google Slides templates.

Rather of making charts in Google Slides from scratch, you may download them from PRESENTATIONGO.

In terms of colors and subjects, PRESENTATIONGO has a varied choice of templates. There are templates for health, leisure, business, science, and technology, among other things. However, the majority of these are multifunctional.

The templates are available in several aspect ratios for both Google Slides and PowerPoint. Although these templates are ready to use, you may change the features and icons to suit your needs.

PRESENTATIONGO templates are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial uses, however correct acknowledgment is required.

SlidesMania is a great resource for gorgeous Google Slides themes and layouts. The website has a variety of presentation templates with varied designs and colors. Interactive templates and infographics are also included.

SlidesMania, on the other hand, distinguishes out by providing a plethora of Google Slides templates for teaching. These templates contain calendars, certificates, choice boards, educational activity templates, mind maps, and so on.

SlidesMania provides an area where educators may share their templates with the community in addition to the professionally-designed templates available on the site.

Aside from instructional presentations, SlidesMania also versatile templates in a variety of colors and styles. SlidesMania is completely free, however credit is required.

SlideChef is an excellent site for discovering PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation templates. SlideChef includes templates for every area, including business, education, and medicine.

The templates range in style from contemporary and stylish to cool and imaginative. These templates are either versatile or specific to a certain event or topic.

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In addition to presentation templates, there are templates for posters and flyers. There is no need to join up to use SlideChef.

GoogleSlidesThemes, as the name implies, is a collection of numerous gorgeous Google Slides themes. It offers a wide collection of templates, so you can find slides for almost any purpose.

You may narrow down your search by color, category, or tag. GoogleSlidesThemes also features a section for highlighted and current themes, so you can easily choose a nice new design.

Each subject has a large amount of slides. You may copy these templates to Google Slides after downloading them as PDF or PPT.

SlidesGala features a wide selection of Google Slides templates that may be used for a variety of purposes. It provides a number of templates for commercial, personal, and artistic presentations.

But there are no templates for specific uses, like templates for marketing plan. You can browse by style and download/copy these editable templates.

How to Add Themes in Google Slides

Now that you’ve found several sources for finding Googles Slides themes and templates, let’s see how you can add them to Google Slides. There are three ways you can do so, so let’s discuss all of them.

1. Using the Copy to Google Slides Button

The quickest way to add these templates to Google Slides is to copy them directly from the website you found them on. Most templates websites have a Google Slides button.

When you click the Use on/Copy to Google Slides button, you will be redirected to Google Slides. When you click the Make a Copy button, your selected template will be added to a new Slides presentation. Google Slides then replicates the template’s content and design.

2. Importing Slides from Your Device

If the site lacks a Google Slides button or you have the template in the form of a PPT file, you may import the slides into Google Slides.

  1. To do so, start with a blank presentation. Select File, then Import Slides.
  2. Choose a Google Drive presentation or upload one from your device.
  3. Select all of the slides you wish to copy after uploading the presentation.
  4. Uncheck Keep Original Theme if you don’t want to keep the template’s theme.
  5. Click on Import Slides.
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This manner, the template’s content, as well as the theme, will be transferred to your presentation. If you uncheck the Keep Original Theme option, your presentation’s current theme will be used.

3. Importing Theme Only

Assume you have your presentation prepared but merely want to tweak the topic (colors, fonts, etc.).In this scenario, you may merely import the theme, which will be applied to your presentation’s current content.

  1. To do so, go to the toolbar and choose Theme.
  2. Select the Import Theme option.
  3. Choose or upload a presentation/template.
  4. Select the presentation by clicking on it.
  5. Then, choose the theme and press the Import Theme button.

The theme will be applied to your presentation.

Create Beautiful Presentations Quickly With Google Slides Themes

Whether you struggle with presentation design or are short on time, downloading a template from these sites is a fantastic option.

This way, you may acquire professionally made templates as well as a few more hours to improve the content of your presentation.

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