How to Find Old Friends With Reverse Email Lookup

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How to Find Old Friends With Reverse Email Lookup

It’s easy to lose contact with friends and neighbors in our fast-paced society, particularly if you’ve moved multiple times. However, if you’re looking for a close friend and all you know about them is their email address, reverse email lookup is the easiest approach to discover them.

In this section, we will explore reverse email lookup briefly, as well as various methods for finding information on an old buddy using their email address.

What Is Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse email lookup, as the name implies, is the technique of obtaining information about a person by utilizing their email address. Users may get such services through a variety of internet channels.

Reverse email lookup may be used to trace personal information such as the user’s name, address, and phone number. With digital frauds and scams occurring on a daily basis, such services are in high demand.

Because the applications for these services are many, you may also use reverse email lookup to find the contact information of an old acquaintance or a neighbor.

How to Find Old Friends Using Their Email Address

People tend to lose touch over time due to job, family, or any other potential reason. The good news is that you can get detailed information on anybody online by just entering their email address.

Although the success rate of these procedures is relatively low, it is still worth a shot since there is no danger involved.

1. Do a Quick Google Search

Every day, Google scans hundreds of online sites. According to the official Google Search blog, their database comprises hundreds of billions of pages totaling around 100 million gigabytes.

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The database is made up of web pages and records for every word in the English language. Even if you search for nonsense, Google will return some results that are relevant to your quest.

On the internet, there are various public directories that provide email addresses and contact information for users. These directories may include information on your friends or relatives. But how can you get to the data contained in these directories?

Google is the answer.

Entering your contact’s email address and doing a fast Google search will provide a list of all the websites that have information on that email address. Go to Google, enter the precise email address, then press Enter.

If the previous query yields no results, try looking for exact-match instances of the email address. Simply surround your question with quotations (“), and you’re set to go.

For example, searching for “” and using the quote marks will get a list of all websites that include the supplied email address.

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2. Search for Their Email on Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, like search engines, store user-related information. This information includes usernames, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and so on. These social networks enable users to look for other people’s accounts by utilizing their email addresses.

Although Google results will include such social media outlets, these platforms are occasionally omitted from the list. As a result, searching various social media websites separately for the information would be the best strategy.

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Here’s a quick guide on finding old friends using Facebook:

  1. Go to Facebook and sign in to your account.
  2. Enter your friend’s email address into the search field and hit Enter.
  3. Select the People option from the left sidebar.
  4. Based on the email address you just supplied, Facebook will offer relevant results.

Users may prohibit anyone from looking for their accounts using their email addresses on Facebook. If no accounts with the supplied email address are found on the website, you may search for your friend’s account instead.

In addition to Facebook, you may look for email addresses on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lullar, for example, makes it simple to search all social networks for a given email address. Simply insert your contact’s email address in the appropriate box and press Enter.

Lullar will then provide you a list of search URLs for all the social media sites that enable you to search for individuals by email address. Simply clicking one of the links will take you to a social network’s search page for the email address you supplied.

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There are various websites that provide reverse email search services online to make your work easy. Although the majority of these services need a paid membership or registration, others are absolutely free to use.

Address Search is one such website that offers free reverse email search services. All you have to do is input your contact’s email address, and the program will handle the rest.

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Because this program relies on anonymous data input rather than public directories, the chances of getting reliable data are relatively low. After all, anybody may use the Add this person option to enter a person’s information into the program.

This is why premium tools outperform free email lookups. Some premium apps, such as Pipl, provide a free trial to users who register a new account on the site.

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Never Lose a Friend Again With Reverse Email Lookup

In today’s work-oriented atmosphere, it’s easy to lose a friend or a neighbor. Fortunately, if you have your old friend’s email address, the internet can assist you in reconnecting. Reverse lookup tools are in handy when you just have a smidgeon of information on a person.

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