How to Find Lost AirPods With an Android Phone

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How to Find Lost AirPods With an Android Phone

AirPods, like any other wireless headset, are tiny, pricey, and easy to misplace. Android users have fewer alternatives, but iOS users may use the Find My app to locate them. However, using an Android smartphone, you can still locate a misplaced AirPod or set of AirPods.

Here are three methods for Android users to locate misplaced AirPods.

Use Your Phone as a Radar

If you have one AirPod and know where you misplaced the other, you may use your phone to reduce the search region even more. To find nearby Bluetooth devices, use the connections menu.

Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and pair the lost AirPod with the one you have. Your phone will start looking for it. When your phone connects, you’ll know you’re within 30 feet of the misplaced AirPod.

You must ensure that the batteries in your AirPods are fully charged. This approach works with any Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones. However, if both headphones are missing, you will be unable to engage pairing mode.

Use the Wunderfind App

Wunderfind is an app that specializes in tracking out misplaced headphones. As you wander about, it displays you how near you are to the misplaced gadget. It is compatible with any wireless headphones, not only AirPods.

Wunderfind requires at least one headset to function since it utilizes Bluetooth detection. While searching, it displays a visual map for you to follow. You can even have your misplaced AirPod or other wireless headset play a sound for a charge.

Download: Wunderfind (Free, in-app purchases available)

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Use the Apple “Find My” Service

One disadvantage of using AirPods with an Android phone is that you cannot utilize the Find My app. However, if your AirPods are also attached to another Apple device, such as a MacBook or iPad, you may still utilize Find My at Apple.

This is true even if you exclusively use your AirPods with an Android device. You may still utilize the Locate My service to find them if they were ever set up on it.

Find My displays your device on a map. You may also have your AirPods create a sound to help you find them. You can even use it if you don’t have both AirPods.

Never Lose Your AirPods Again

Wireless headphones are handy, but their tiny size makes them easily misplaced. If you ever lose your AirPods, try one of these strategies to locate them.

In general, having a strategy for retrieving any mobile device is an excellent idea.

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