How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route: 4 Methods

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How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route: 4 Methods

You don’t want to go out of your way to stop at a gas station while you’re on a road trip. Of course, you don’t want to spend more than necessary.

Fortunately, it’s simple to research gas prices along your journey and choose the finest gas station for you. Let’s see how it goes.

How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route in Google Maps

Given that Google Maps is many people’s preferred navigation program, it’s no surprise that it includes the ability to identify gas stations while driving. It’s also an easy feature to utilize.

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Tap the Magnifying Glass icon on the right side of the Google Maps display when navigating. This brings up the Route Search panel. If you’re searching for a certain gas station, you may put it into the box at the top.

Alternatively, touch the Gas stations symbol. This will display bubbles for petrol stations along your journey that are conveniently positioned. Each one includes the name of the station, its location, and the current gas price. Tap one, and Google Maps will make it your current location (either when you tap Add stop or after a few seconds).

Google Maps will continue navigation to your original destination when you stop at the station. Swipe up from the bottom and hit Delete stop to remove the gas station stop you added.

Keep in mind that this function in Google Maps may also be used for other sorts of stops, such as restaurants and grocery shops.

How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route in Apple Maps

If you have an iPhone and prefer Apple Maps, you can easily add a gas stop while travelling on Apple’s product as well.

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While navigation is active, press the bottom bar to enlarge it, then pick Add Stop. There are various shortcuts for important stops in this menu, such as Parking and Fast Food.

When you choose Gas Stations, Apple Maps will display stations along your current path. Scroll through the list to discover how much time each one adds to your journey, how far away it is, when it’s open, and how it ranks on Yelp.

Tap Go to make a certain gas station your current stop. If you change your mind, go to the top of the screen and choose Resume Route to [Destination] to delete the gas station stop.

This feature makes it simple to locate gas along your path. The one significant disadvantage is that Apple Maps does not display the current price of petrol at each station.

How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route in Waze

You probably use Waze if you don’t use Google or Apple Maps. Unsurprisingly, the software dedicated to elevating your driving experience also enables locating petrol stations along your path.

To locate a gas station while using Waze, hit the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows your arrival time and distance. Scroll down to the Add a stop section if necessary, then hit the petrol pump symbol. If you’re searching for a specific location, click the magnifying glass button.

Waze will display a list of gas stations along with all relevant information, such as how far away they are, how many minutes the stop will add to your route, and the current price of petrol. Because these rates are updated by other users, they may be days or weeks old, but they should give you an indication of what you’ll spend.

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Tap an entry to learn more about it, then choose Go. Waze gives you the option of adding a stop or starting a new drive; select the former if you wish to carry on to your eventual destination.

Waze presently does not provide a mechanism to delete a stop and return to your original destination. As a result, if you decide not to stop for petrol, you must terminate navigation and resume with your original destination.

How to Find Gas Stations Along Your Route Using GasBuddy

You may also use a non-navigation app to search the cheapest gas stations near you for something a bit different. GasBuddy is one of the greatest applications for finding inexpensive gas, so have it on hand to save a few pennies whenever feasible.

You may sign up for an account after installing the app, but it is not required to use it. To continue without creating an account, just hit Skip in the top-right corner. You’ll probably have to pass on a few offers as well.

Tap Find Gas at the bottom of the main GasBuddy screen once you’re there. The app will ask you what kind of gasoline you like, and then display costs and stations that sell that sort of petrol.

Tap within the Current Location box at the top of the page and choose Add a destination to discover gas along your current path. Enter your destination, choose a route if required, and GasBuddy will display gas stations along your journey on the map overview.

If the map interface is too busy, choose List from the top-right menu. When you find one you like, touch it, and the app will invite you to open instructions to it in your preferred navigation software.

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If you’re only searching for the cheapest gas around, GasBuddy displays the nearest stations, along with their current price and how recently that price was changed. Tap one to see what facilities the station provides, read reviews, and so on.

GasBuddy will continue to display prices for stations that are gradually farther away as you scroll down. You may modify the grade of gasoline you use at the top of the page, display rates that are lower when paid in cash, avoid negatively rated places, and more.

GasBuddy is generally maintained up to date by its users, so feel free to contribute corrections if you spot incorrect data.

Find Gas Stations Along Any Route

You may use these applications to discover an appropriate gas station while driving any route. Whether you want to get the cheapest gas or avoid traveling out of your path, these gas finding apps make it simple to do so without having to interrupt your present journey.

If you don’t have anyplace to go, the proper applications may also assist you in planning your next road trip.

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