How to Fake Edit Website Text Using Google Chrome

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How to Fake Edit Website Text Using Google Chrome

If you scroll long enough on any social networking platform, you’ll eventually encounter a snapshot of a ludicrous dialogue or comparable material that seems outlandish. As it turns out, your intuition was correct: the majority of them are phony.

You may be surprised to learn how simple it is to change the text on a webpage and then take a snapshot of it. You also don’t require any sophisticated picture editing software. This tutorial will demonstrate how to modify text on a webpage using Chrome.

How to Edit Text on a Website

To edit the text on any page, open it in your browser first. We’ll talk about Chrome here, but the procedure is identical in other browsers as well.

With a page open, right-click on the text you wish to change and choose Inspect (sometimes listed as Inspect Element).On the Elements page, this will open Chrome’s developer panel. If you’re wondering how to modify text with F12, remember that you may access the same panel by pressing F12.

You’ll see the HTML for the page you’re on in that box. If you’re not acquainted with HTML, have a look at our HTML primer.

You’ll probably see some text in p>, div>, or other similar tags depending on the text you’ve chosen. To expand the section and see the entire content, click the arrow next to those tags.

Simply double-click or right-click on the block you wish to edit and choose Edit text. The content will be updated whenever you click away or press Enter.

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You may edit the different text as much as you like. When you hover your cursor over tags in the Elements panel, the accompanying text on the page will light up. By right-clicking on a block and selecting Delete element, you may delete it entirely.

Until you reload the page, your changes will be retained. Take a snapshot and share your amusing modification everywhere you choose.

How to Fake Edit a Website Using Design Mode

If you like modifying the text on websites, you should be aware of Chrome’s Design Mode. Instead of having to wade through HTML, you can just click any text and update it.

To access it, click Developer Options and go to the Console tab by pressing F12. Then, in the console, write the following line (next to the arrow at the bottom of any warnings you see) and press Enter:

document.designMode = "on"

After that, you may click any text and instantly begin typing to edit it.

It only applies to the current tab, and you must repeat the process each time you wish to utilize it. But it’s worth it if you want to make a lot of modifications to a page’s text.

Changing Words on a Website Made Easy

After your browser downloads a website, you may make whatever modifications you like to the copy on your device. That is why changing the text shown on a website is so simple. You now know how to alter website content while having fun!

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