How to Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome and Firefox 

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How to Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome and Firefox 

Some websites are overrun with advertisements, images, movies, banners, and other unnecessary clutter. We can only hope that more website designers made an effort to clean their sites’ pages. Thanks to browser reader mode capabilities, we no longer have to depend on site designers to remove webpage clutter.

Reader mode is a feature included in various browsers that simplifies open sites by eliminating advertisements, navigation panels, movies, and buttons. This function improves the readability of the vital material on websites. This is how Google Chrome and Firefox activate reader mode.

How to Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome

Unlike Edge’s reader view, Google Chrome’s reader mode is currently in beta. To use that experimental feature, you must activate it from Chrome’s Experiments tab. You may activate reader mode in Google’s flagship browser by doing the following:

  1. Enter chrome:/flags/ in Google’s URL bar and hit Enter.
  2. In the Experiments tab, type Enable Reader Mode into the search box.
  3. Enable Reader Mode is selected from the drop-down menu.
  4. To restart Google Chrome, click Relaunch.
  5. Open a website in reader mode that you wish to see.
  6. On the right of Chrome’s URL bar, click the Enter reader mode button.

You’ll now see the site in a new reading mode. Ads, banners, navigation sidebars, movies, and other distractions have been removed from the page. The fundamental content of the page is all that remains.

At the top of the page, you may see an A button. Click the A button to open the Customize appearance box, which is displayed straight below. This box has a few page display settings.

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You may, for example, change the font size on the website. Drag the bar’s slider in the box to the right or left, depending on your desire. Dragging the bar’s slider to the right will enlarge the text on the page.

Color selections in the Customize look box will appeal to those who like gloomy settings. By clicking the black circle, you may make the page have a dark backdrop. Alternatively, you may choose a light cream hue for the page’s backdrop.

How to Activate Reader Mode in Firefox

Firefox’s reader mode is a built-in functionality that is active by default. As a result, you won’t have to go around in the Advanced Features or Settings pages to activate it. Toggle reader view is as simple as opening a website and clicking the Toggle reader view button on the right side of Firefox’s address bar. You may also enable it by pressing F9.

Activating the reader view in Firefox, as in Chrome, removes the clutter from an open page. You will be left with the page’s real text and photos. Almost all of the website’s navigation parts will be removed.

The reader view in Firefox provides a few more choices than the analogous mode in Google Chrome. To access the options displayed immediately below, click Type controls in the box on the left side of the page. You may vary the text size, content width, and line height, as well as choose an alternate Serif font. For pages, you may also choose between Dark and Sepia backdrop colors.

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The reader view in Firefox also features an audio narration capability for pages, similar to Word’s Read Aloud option. To access playback controls, click the Listen button below below the Type controls button. When you press the Start (play) button, an audio narration begins that reads the page aloud. You may adjust the pace of the narration by sliding the slider on the bar.

Simplify Webpages With Google Chrome’s and Firefox’s Reader Modes

Google Chrome and Firefox’s reader modes are really welcome additions to both browsers. This tool not only removes advertising and videos from sites, but it also gives additional parameters for changing their kind and background colors. Using those browsers’ reader modes to remove unnecessary clutter from websites before printing can also save you ink.

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