How to Enable and Utilize Google Chrome’s Experimental Screenshot Features 

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How to Enable and Utilize Google Chrome’s Experimental Screenshot Features 

A screenshot tool is one feature that Google Chrome lacks that other browsers have. Browser screenshot capabilities allow users to take screenshots of websites. Although Chrome does not yet have a full-fledged snapping function, Google has included experimental snapshot capabilities to its main browser in 2022.

Users may take and then modify screenshots via Chrome’s two experimental screenshot tools. Even though they are not yet standard features, they perform well. This is how you activate and use Google Chrome’s experimental screenshot functionality.

Chrome’s experimental screen-capturing feature allows you to grab specific rectangular portions of web pages. It copies your screenshots to the Windows clipboard. So, before using this experimental function, make sure you have clipboard history enabled in Windows 11 or 10. This is how you activate Google Chrome’s screenshot function.

  1. Click the + New tab icon in Chrome.
  2. Then, under Chrome’s website address bar, type chrome:/flags/.
  3. Within the screenshot just below, press Enter to activate the Experiments tab.
  4. Fill in the search box at the top of Chrome’s Experiments tab with the term screenshot.
  5. Select Enabled from the drop-down selection for Desktop Screenshots.
  6. When the blue Relaunch option displays, choose it.
  7. Open the website from which you want to take a screenshot. On the right side of Chrome’s address bar, click the Share this page icon. Then, on that menu, pick the new Screenshot option, as seen straight below.

After you pick that option, your open website will darken. Place the cursor on the page where you want to take a screenshot, then click and hold the left mouse button. Then, in the snapshot, drag the rectangle over the region of the website you wish to include, and then release the left button.

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In Chrome, a screenshot copied window will popup, displaying a piece of the picture you’ve just recorded. You can save the image by clicking the Download button. Alternatively, use an image editor such as MS Paint and paste it using Ctrl + V.

How to Enable Google Chrome’s Screenshot Editor

Some Chrome users may want to tweak the screenshots they’ve taken of websites. By enabling Chrome’s experimental image editor, you may do some rudimentary editing on your photos. This editing function allows you to add shapes, emoticons, arrows, and lines to your recorded output.

You may activate the editing function in the same way that you can enable the screenshot tool in Google Chrome. To do so, go to chrome:/flags/ and enter screenshot in the search box, as described in steps one through four above. Then, for the Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode flag, choose Enabled and restart the browser.

To take another screenshot, click Share this page and pick Screenshot. Following the capture of the screenshot, you’ll note that the Screenshot coped box now contains an Edit option. To open the editor, click the Edit button.

Click the Arrow button to add some points to your snapshot. Choose a color and change the line thickness by dragging the bar’s slider. Then, while holding down the left mouse button, move the pointer over the picture to create an arrow.

Similarly, you may add squares and circles to the screenshots. Select a color for the outlines of the Rectangle and Ellipse shapes by clicking their respective buttons. To add the shapes, move the pointer over the picture.

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Click the Text (T) button to add some text to a picture. You may change the text size by using the bar’s slider. Choose a color, a font style, and then click on the picture to create a text box. Then, inside the box, type some content.

The Brush feature in the editor allows users to apply free-form painting to their photos. Click Brush on the editor’s toolbar to change the thickness of the paintbrush and choose a color. Then, while holding down the left mouse button, move the pointer over picture regions to apply some paint.

Get Snapping in Google Chrome!

It’s past time for Google to provide a screenshot function in Chrome. The experimental screenshot and edit mode facilities in Google Chrome may become regular functionality in the near future. For the time being, you may enable snapping in Google’s flagship browser by checking the Desktop Screenshots box.

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