How to Email Yourself New Craigslist Search Results

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How to Email Yourself New Craigslist Search Results is a long-established online wanted ad site. It’s an excellent resource if you’re wanting to purchase used items. As discussed in prior MakeUseOf articles, its design leaves plenty to be desired, but its use is undeniable. There are certain annoyances, such as the lack of photographs in Craigslist search results (see David Pierce’s list of 5 Tools To Make Craigslist Even More Useful for “ByeByeList”), and they could do more with local search choices, such as the ability to define a search radius.

I also found that Craigslist does not (at least not out of the box) allow you to email yourself updated Craigslist search results. These essentially feature the most recent adverts that you are interested in. Do you ever get bored of repeating the same search over and over again in the hopes that the item you’re searching for will appear? Because Craigslist searches rely on RSS feeds (Track A Craigslist Category In a Feed Reader), looking for the same item many times is a waste of time. Allow me to demonstrate how to take a search word, locate the RSS feed for that search term, and have feed updates delivered to you!

Let’s start with Craigslist, the search, and the feed.

Find your local Craigslist page first. Go to and seek for your local nation, state, or city in the listings to the right (or nearest).

Once you’ve found the nearest place, look for what you’re searching for. Simply enter anything in the search box. NOTE: You may get better, more limited search results by going to a category and then doing the search, but it’s entirely up to you.

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Craigslist gets it right when it adds RSS feeds… everywhere! They have feeds set up for categories, subcategories, and even search phrases, for example! Simply look for the RSS symbol in the bottom right corner of the page in each instance.

Now all there is to do is have the FEED updates emailed to you.

FeedMyInbox is a useful tool. Essentially, this service allows you to input a feed and your email address to have updates delivered right to your inbox. You can do this without even creating an account! Please keep in mind that email updates will only be delivered once every 24 hours and will include all changes from that time period.

Return to Craigslist and copy the feed for your Craigslist search. The simplest method is to right-click on the RSS symbol and choose COPY (or COPY LINK LOCATION – may depend on your browser of choice).

Now go to FeedMyInbox and enter the feed URL into the website URL column. Then, of course, type in your email address in the email address form.

Following that, you will get a verification email to ensure that you are the one who signed up to receive the updates.

Simply click the confirmation link, understanding that you may always cancel the updates at any moment.

And that’s how you may save time by having the results of a Craigslist search delivered right to your email inbox instead of repeating the search on Craigslist! Did you find it useful? I’m sure there are plenty alternative methods for emailing yourself Craigslist search results. Do you have another approach? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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