How To Email Like A Pro

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How To Email Like A Pro

Email is one of those things that began as a convenience but rapidly became a source of anxiety. When I have hundreds of unopened emails, my stomach falls into a deep vacuum and I ignore those emails for even longer. However, if we followed the email gurus’ ideas and methods, we may not see our inbox as an impediment.

Not only does writing emails contribute to email efficiency, but so do setting up the inbox, organizing emails, knowing when to read emails, and other aspects. Increasing email efficiency means increasing productivity, which means getting more done in less time. That is precisely what we want.

One component of being an email expert is being safe and secure. Before you begin, read these 7 crucial email security recommendations. Losing access to your email account might be disastrous.

Schedule “Email Checking” Time

One of the most common mistakes made by users with incredibly busy inboxes is to keep their Gmail, Thunderbird, or Postbox open and running in the background. Another misstep is the usage of notification extensions or features that will notify you the moment an email comes, no matter how little the email.

Unavoidable fact: constantly checking your emails implies you can’t concentrate on another task. It’s an undeniable reality that if you ever manage to develop concentration, notifications will destroy it in a second.

As a result, you should treat your inbox like any other activity. Don’t let it become a “always on” part of your life. Instead, set aside time – maybe once a day, perhaps three times a day – to check your email, accomplish what you need to do, and then shut it. It may take some time to break the habit, but your productivity will explode.

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Eliminate the Excess

When you open your inbox, the first thing you should do is rapidly review it and delete any emails that don’t seem to be essential. Consider yourself a sculptor with a large block of fresh marble. Before you begin the serious task, you must chip away at the surplus in broad strokes.

Consider checking in and discovering 350 emails awaiting a response. It just takes five minutes – yes, really! – to browse through and uncheck the checkboxes next to irrelevant emails. When you’ve finished the majority of it, click Delete to delete all of the checked emails. You just need to reply to 50 questions now, which is a significant psychological boost.

Accomplish you often open an email, notice that you need to do something, but put it off until another day? This may be a dangerous habit. What if you overlook it? What if you misplace the email? What if you need to reply faster than you think?

It is preferable to do everything right away. It eliminates the accumulation of “I still need to respond to that email” ideas, which will gnaw at you until you eventually get around to it. It lessens the likelihood that you may overlook an essential email. It makes your customers, friends, and business connections pleased since you respond so quickly. As an added benefit, you’ll feel a lot better.

You can more readily execute the earlier point of just checking email at set times if you have a clean and empty inbox that isn’t crowded with messages to which you need to return. If you truly don’t want to read and respond right away, consider using an email reminder plugin.

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Canned Responses

Canned answers are an incredible feature that has become a standard in all of the leading email services and clients. A prepared answer is essentially a template response that you may create ahead of time and utilize with a single click. These are useful when you find yourself composing the same response again, such as when individuals consistently ask queries about a same issue.

To activate Canned Responses in Gmail, toggle the option in the Labs section of the settings. Yaara has published a tutorial on how to get started with Gmail Canned Responses.

Keep It Brief

Spending less time composing answers is the greatest approach to reduce the amount of time that email consumes. Of course, you should not compromise appropriate business or personal manners by sending brief answers, but you also do not need to write 5-10 pages for every email you send. Email is less formal than letter writing!

Determine the essential point you want to convey, then strive to convey it to the addressee in one to three paragraphs at most. You know how you’re struggling to go through so many emails? The receiver, on the other hand, is most likely experiencing the same issue. Shortening your emails not only saves you time, but it also saves others time, which they will appreciate.

Use Filters to Organize

Using the power of filters may completely transform your email routine. In essence, a filter examines each incoming email and, if it satisfies the filter’s parameters, takes action on it. This step might be as simple as moving the email to a certain folder or assigning it a label. A filter’s criteria might include the sender’s name, the topic of the email, the body content, and so on.

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Filters are an excellent way to keep your email tidy. Do you get a lot of newsletter updates from retail chains, social media alerts, or electronic bills? Filters may keep such emails isolated from your inbox, reducing the number of emails you have to go through. Plus, there’s a lower probability of mistakenly deleting one of them.

Visit Craig’s blog to learn how to set up and utilize Gmail filters.


Email is a basic technology, yet there are complex applications. The most crucial aspect of becoming an email expert is identifying where the majority of your time is being spent and finding solutions to reduce that time. Hopefully, the strategies stated above, as well as a few other email efficiency suggestions we discussed previously, can assist you in determining where your time is being wasted and how to battle that inefficiency.

So, how about you? Do you have any tips or practices for increasing your email productivity? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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