How to Draw on Google Docs

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How to Draw on Google Docs

How to Draw on Google Docs

Would you want to add a drawing to your Google Doc? It’s not as difficult as you think.

When it comes to explaining anything, a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words! Fortunately, Google Docs’ sketch tool allows you to add drawings to your documents. You may add custom shapes, charts, graphs, infographics, and text boxes to your document with the built-in drawing tool, among other things.

How to Draw on a Google Doc

Although uploading a graphic to Google Docs is simple, the procedure is not obvious. This is how you do it:

  1. Open a Google Docs page and position your cursor where you want your drawing to appear.
  2. In the toolbar, pick Drawing and then Insert. Then, from the drop-down option, choose New to open the drawing window. The toolbar on this window lets you to create lines and shapes, add text boxes, and modify the colors of your design.
  3. In Google Docs, use the Line tool from the toolbar to create a line. You may then create your line by clicking and dragging your mouse between two locations. Additional choices are available by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the line.
  4. Shapes may also be added to your document. Squares, arrows, flowchart forms, and callouts are examples. Click the Shapes tool in Google Docs to create shapes. Then, choose the form you wish to include.
  5. To change the size of the shape, click and drag on the resizing lever. You may also modify the color, transparency, and apply a watermark on your object.
  6. After you’ve finished sketching, click Save and Close. To remove what you’ve drawn, select the form and use the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard.
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Add an Artistic Touch to Your Google Documents

Using Google Docs, you may easily add unique artwork to your document. You can create flowcharts, insert tables, and even open spreadsheets using the Google Docs drawing tool.

This function is excellent for fast sketching or basic forms. However, there are certain restrictions. While there are several third-party tools for drawing, Google Docs’ draw function provides an easy method to enhance the appearance and impact of your work.

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