How to Draft an Email in Google Docs and Send It to Gmail

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How to Draft an Email in Google Docs and Send It to Gmail

If you use Google Docs for work, you are surely aware of how beneficial it can be. You may use it without installing anything to create and edit documents directly on your desktop. Because papers are kept in the cloud, they may be accessed from any computer.

Furthermore, Google Docs enables users to work together seamlessly. Both can work on the paper concurrently and see what the other is doing. But did you know you can also create email drafts and send them right from Gmail?

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Create an Email Draft in Google Docs

Follow these steps to write your email draft:

  1. Open Google Docs and create a new document.
  2. Select Insert > Building Blocks > Email Draft from the menu.
  3. You may alternatively write @email at the top of the document and then choose Email Draft from the drop-down box.
  4. Type @ and search your contacts by name to add recipients to the To section.
  5. You may also manually enter the address, as well as the CC and BCC.
  6. Type in your subject.
  7. Type in your email content.
  8. Simply use the standard Docs instructions to underline, bold, or make any other changes. You may also use photographs, tables, or charts, so go crazy.
  9. Are you finished with the email? Simply press the blue Gmail logo in the draft’s upper left corner.
  10. The draft will appear in a new pop-up window in Gmail. If you don’t see it, your browser’s popups must be enabled.
  11. View your email in Gmail and make any necessary changes. By the way, your signature will be included to the email automatically.
  12. When you’re finished, click the Send button.
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It’s vital to know that the email will be sent from the account to which you’re signed in. If you use Google Docs from a work account, the message will be sent from that work email address. Furthermore, if you have numerous accounts, you should certainly double-check before sending.

The Benefits of Writing a Draft in Google Docs

If you only want to send a basic email, respond, or ask a general question, you should use Gmail. You may start a new draft, save it, and return to it later if necessary. However, using Google Docs for email opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.

First and foremost, it is an excellent choice if you want to send an email several times. Rather of opening many windows and copy-pasting from one to the next, you may make a draft in Docs once and send it multiple times using the envelope button.

The collaboration tool is the second advantage. If you create emails that are more sensitive and need approval from others, you may share the documents and enable individuals to provide comments or change the email straight in Docs.

Furthermore, Google Docs allows you to work offline, something Gmail does not always allow. And, as previously said, capabilities such as charts, tables, and even sketching on Google Docs allow you personalize your email and clarify topics that may be difficult to describe in text.

Make Google Docs Work for You

Google Docs has a lot to offer for a free tool. We hope that this brief overview has improved your understanding of the program and aroused your interest in learning more.

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Google Docs may be a useful tool if you compose emails on a regular basis, and particularly if you communicate mostly through email in your day-to-day job.

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