How to Download Music From SoundCloud on Desktop and Mobile

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How to Download Music From SoundCloud on Desktop and Mobile

SoundCloud has an enormous variety of music, all of which is accessible to stream in seconds. But what if you want to download music from SoundCloud and save it to your computer? While it seems straightforward in principle, there are various constraints to consider.

We’ll teach you how to download SoundCloud music on your PC and mobile devices.

How to Download SoundCloud Files on Desktop

You may choose to download a music from SoundCloud in order to have a local copy on your system. You get the artist’s raw file in its original format. This means you can listen to it endlessly without needing an online connection and playing it in your preferred music program. It’s one of the many compelling reasons to utilize SoundCloud.

You cannot, however, download any music you desire. There are many restrictions:

  • You can only download from SoundCloud through the browser, not from other devices such as your Android or iPhone.
  • The artist must make the music available for download. It is not turned on automatically.
  • The artist’s SoundCloud account limits the amount of times a song may be downloaded:
    • Free users are limited to 100 downloads per song.
    • Pro subscribers get 1,000 downloads each song.
    • Downloads are limitless for Pro Unlimited subscribers.

This implies you’re more than likely not going to be able to download the music you desire, so brace yourself for disappointment.

However, if all of the prerequisites are satisfied, the actual download procedure is straightforward:

  1. Enter your SoundCloud username and password.
  2. Navigate to the song you wish to download.
  3. Click More.
  4. Click Download file.
  5. To save the file, follow the instructions provided by your browser.
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Unfortunately, songs cannot be downloaded in bulk through a playlist or album. You must proceed one at a time.

How to Save SoundCloud Files for Offline Listening on Mobile

As previously stated, SoundCloud’s mobile app does not allow you to download local files as it does on desktop. You might, however, download the file to your PC and then transfer it to your mobile device.

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SoundCloud’s alternate feature for Android and iOS is the option to store material for offline listening. You don’t receive the raw file, but you can still listen to music without an online connection using the app. You must have a SoundCloud Go or Go+ membership to access this feature.

Navigate to the playlist and hit Download at the top to download it for offline listening.

To download a song for offline listening:

  1. To save a song to your collection, go to it and hit the heart.
  2. From the bottom menu, choose the Your Library icon (three vertical lines).
  3. Select Liked tracks.
  4. From the top menu, choose the download icon (a downward arrow in a circle).
  5. To confirm, tap Download. This downloads all of your favorite tunes.

You may also have your existing and future libraries of likes and playlists automatically downloaded:

  1. Select your profile symbol in the top-right corner of the library screen.
  2. Go to Settings > Downloads.
  3. Enable automatic download. You can also choose Only download through Wi-Fi and Download high quality audio from this menu.

You will no longer be able to listen to your stored tracks offline if you cancel your membership (which automatically renews).

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Listen to SoundCloud Without an Internet Connection

You may listen to SoundCloud music without an internet connection using one of these methods. If you want permanent, unrestricted access to a track, downloading the raw file through desktop is the best option, however most songs won’t provide this owing to the stringent requirements.

As a result, in order to utilize the offline listening option, you will most likely need to subscribe to SoundCloud.

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