How to Downgrade Chrome to an Older Version

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How to Downgrade Chrome to an Older Version

Google Chrome is routinely updated. Every each version adds new functionality to the browser. However, in other situations, it might have the opposite effect. It may slow down rather than speed up your browser. It may also delete a function that you often utilize.

If you are accustomed to Chrome, moving to another browser may not seem like a smart answer in this situation. The only option left is to downgrade Chrome to an older version, which we’ll explain you how to do.

Why You Might DowngradeChrome to an Older Version

If you’ve recently upgraded Chrome, you may have encountered a few issues with the new version. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your browser has begun functioning strangely, or that Chrome has become slower owing to backend difficulties and hidden flaws.

Furthermore, features are often altered or eliminated with each upgrade. For example, in prior Android Chrome versions, you may hide article recommendations in the Article for you area. This capability, however, is no longer accessible.

While issues may be resolved in future updates, the only method to remove any unwanted updates is to downgrade to an earlier version of Chrome.

Save Your Profile Before Downgrading Chrome

All of your stored passwords, bookmarks, browser preferences, and history will be lost if you downgrade Chrome directly. To keep your Chrome data intact, you must sync it with your Google account before removing the current version of Chrome.

Here’s how to sync your Chrome data, if you haven’t already:

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of Chrome.
  2. From the list, choose Settings.
  3. Select the option at the top. Activate sync.
  4. When asked, choose Yes, I’m in the inbox.
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By doing so, you will save all of your Chrome settings and data to your Google account, which you may subsequently recover. You may turn off the sync at any moment.

Check Which Version of Chrome You Are Already Using

Before contemplating a downgrade, keep in mind that you may be experiencing problems with Chrome simply because it isn’t up to date. Before you consider downgrading, make sure you’re using the most current version of Chrome.

You may determine the version of Chrome you are using by doing the following steps:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Navigate to Help, then About Google Chrome.

If Chrome has been updated to the newest version, you will receive a notice that says “Google Chrome is up to date.” If it isn’t, try upgrading Chrome to the most recent version and seeing if it improves speed.

If you’ve already upgraded Chrome and are still experiencing issues, it’s necessary to roll back to one of the most recent versions.

Uninstall Existing Google Chrome

To downgrade to an older version of Chrome, you must first remove the current version. Here’s how you do it:

Open Control Panel on a Windows device by typing Control Panel into the Windows search box. Navigate to Programs and Features. On a Mac, go to the Applications folder in Finder.

Look for Google Chrome in the list of installed apps. Right-click the program icon and choose either Uninstall or Move to Bin.

This will remove the installed Chrome version. After uninstalling the browser, the next step is to remove any leftover Chrome data on your PC.

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Navigate to the following location in file explorer on a Windows device. Once within the folder, remove all of the files and directories.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data

On a Mac, you may do the same thing simply opening Finder and removing all of the folders and files contained therein.

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

This will erase all user information, download history, passwords, bookmarks, and other data.

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After you’ve removed Chrome, you may restore it to a previous version.

Downgrading Chrome to Its Earlier Version

Google does not offer a place where you may download previous versions of Chrome. As a result, you’ll need to use a third-party option to acquire an updated Chrome version. Filehippo and Slimjet are two of the most reputable sites.

Despite the fact that these sources are not supported by Google, they are reliable. It is safe to install files from that location without fear of infection. Avoid downloading Chrome files from untrusted sites if you want to keep your PC safe.

  1. Head toFilehippo.
  2. Open the Google Chrome history page.
  3. Select the version you want to download.
  4. Download and install the app on your device.

Now that an earlier version of Chrome is installed, you may disable automatic updates for Chrome so that it does not upgrade to the same newest version from which you just dropped.

Turn Off Auto-Update for Chrome

Chrome does not offer an option to disable automatic updates. To turn off Chrome updates, you must deactivate a few options on your device. On a Windows device, follow these steps:

  1. To launch the Run dialog, press Windows + R.
  2. Enter “msconfig” and click OK to launch System Configuration.
  3. Under the Services tab of the Configuration window, look for the Google update service choices.
  4. Turn off both Google Update Service (Date) and Google Update Service (Datem).
  5. Apply change and press OK.
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Disabling auto-updates on a Mac is significantly simpler. Simply go to the following location in Finder and remove all of the files and folders.


Even if a new version is available, Chrome will no longer automatically update. You may still manually update Chrome via your browser’s Chrome update feature.

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When to Upgrade Google Chrome Again

When a new version of Chrome is available, you should try it to see whether it fixes the problem you encountered with the prior update. To avoid malware assaults, keep Chrome updated to the most recent version.

Downgrade Chrome to Speed Up Browsing

Chrome upgrades may occasionally impair your surfing experience rather than improve it. The only fast answer for this problem is to downgrade Chrome, which comes with minimal drawbacks.

If you do not update Chrome for an extended period of time, it may become susceptible to malware. Don’t pass up the chance to upgrade your browser with each new version if it fixes the poor performance and other difficulties.

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