How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games: 2 Tricks Worth Trying

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How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games: 2 Tricks Worth Trying

Nobody loves advertisements, but in today’s mobile gaming environment, they’re a necessary evil. Ads enable developers to give their programs for free, or at least make them free to begin with, while still profiting from their inventions. You’re probably accustomed to seeing advertising since the great majority of free applications and games on both iPhone and Android feature them.

While most in-game advertisements aren’t malevolent, they do disrupt gameplay and take up screen space. We’ll teach you how to use a simple method to avoid advertising when playing mobile games.

How to Stop Ads When Playing Mobile Games

Because practically all mobile advertising are dynamically loaded from the internet, your phone must be connected to the internet in order to display the adverts.

As a consequence, to eliminate adverts in mobile games, just put your phone in airplane mode. Most wireless radios on your phone, including your cellular connection and Wi-Fi, are disabled while in airplane mode. As a consequence, switching to airplane mode disconnects your phone from the internet.

When you go to airplane mode, most banner advertising vanish and video ads never load. There may still be a placeholder where advertisements used to be, but it is small.

Check out our entire overview of airplane mode for a primer on how to accomplish this on all platforms, including Android. If you have an iPhone, we offer a guide on using airplane mode on your iPhone.

While this approach works great for offline games (such as sudoku or solitaire), it will not function if the game can only be played online. Many popular mobile games need a connection to even begin playing, so this isn’t an option. However, if you prefer offline mobile games such as basic puzzles or platformers, this is an excellent strategy.

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Additionally, playing games in airplane mode will use less battery life. Your phone will use less battery power for network services, and it will not need to utilize battery power to load and show advertisements. Just remember to switch off airplane mode after you’re finished to avoid missing anything crucial! Staying in airplane mode prevents you from receiving notifications for calls, texts, WhatsApp messaging, and other similar activities.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Ads in Mobile Games

As previously said, this trick will not work in every game. If you try and it fails to adequately conceal the advertisements in your favorite game, you have a few additional choices.

To begin, see whether the game includes an in-app payment to eliminate adverts. Many games enable you to spend a few bucks to remove adverts permanently. It’s worth the modest money to eliminate bothersome adverts from games you play often. Consider how much time you waste viewing 15-second video advertising and how you might better use that time, and the cost to eliminate ads will seem more fair.

If the game does not provide this option, try contacting the developer and requesting that the option to buy an ad-free experience be added. Their website and email address are normally included on the app’s App Store or Google Play page. Of course, not every developer will answer, but it’s worth a shot, and they’ll hopefully appreciate your help.

If none of them work, you should try one of the finest VPN apps for your phone. Some VPNs can block mobile advertisements, however this is not always the case.

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Why Do Mobile Games Have So Many Ads?

If you want to remove adverts from mobile games, you’ve undoubtedly asked why these games have ads in the first place. The most essential argument is that advertisements enable producers to profit from free games. Apps require time and money to build, so most individuals who create them want to make a living or have enough money to keep the app running. If you do not charge someone to purchase an app up front, you must find another means to earn money.

While money is the primary motive, advertisements in games often serve other functions. Some producers add adverts in inconvenient areas (for example, every time you fail and don’t use in-game dollars to continue) to encourage you to spend money on in-game purchases to avoid seeing such ads. Overloading an app with adverts may entice users to purchase the premium version in order to remove them, but this might backfire if the user quits using the app owing to the volume of ads.

It is ultimately up to you how many advertisements you endure in mobile games. Expect adverts in practically every free title, but keep in mind that your time is important and you have better things to do than watch commercials.

Stopping Ads in Your Favorite Mobile Games

Ads in mobile games are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Ads cover the bills for developers as long as users expect to play for free. However, it is worthwhile to attempt these easy strategies for hiding adverts in your favorite games.

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And if you can’t get rid of the commercials, why not try a different game that allows you to pay to have them removed? Even better, some free games are actually fantastic and have no advertisements or in-app sales.

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