How to Detect Installed Games on the Epic Games Launcher

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How to Detect Installed Games on the Epic Games Launcher

Don’t panic if you re-downloaded the Epic Games Launcher but are still unable to play your previously installed games. While this is inconvenient, there is a method to find your games.

Although there is no built-in feature to identify installed games in the Epic Games Launcher, we’ve devised a simple and straightforward workaround.

Step 1: Start Downloading the Game in a New Directory

The Epic Games Launcher is well-known for providing free games on the Epic Store on occasion. Unfortunately, if your launcher does not show installed games in the first place, this may not be of much value to you. But don’t worry; this tiny annoyance can be resolved in three easy steps.

To begin, use the Epic Games Launcher and launch a new installation of the game you wish to detect. But this time, choose a new directory, preferably on a separate partition.

Choose a game to install by clicking on its game tile in the Library. A pop-up window should appear, inviting you to choose the installation directory and approve the download.

Choose a location on a different partition from the one on which it is presently installed. Confirm the download by clicking the Install button.

Step 2: Pause the Download and Quit the Epic Games Launcher

Pause the game and exit the Epic Games Launcher as it starts to download. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Otherwise, the Epic Launcher will refuse to shut down until the game download is paused.
  2. Select the caret button (). This will reveal the hidden icons of currently active processes.
  3. Exit Epic Launcher by right-clicking on its icon.
  4. Furthermore, utilize Windows Task Manager or Activity Monitor on Mac to terminate any Epic launcher instances that are operating in the background.
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Continue to the next and final step after you’re certain that the Epic Launcher has been entirely turned off.

Step 3: Copy Game Files to New Directory and Resume Installation

This stage is rather self-explanatory. After you’ve closed all instances of the Epic Games Launcher, transfer the game files previously installed into the new installation location.

Restart the download, wait a few seconds, and the progress meter should reach 99 percent. The download will be completed successfully, and your game will be available to play.

No More Hidden Games on the Epic Launcher

You should now be able to play your Epic Games without issue! And you know exactly how to correct any new titles that display this behavior.

It should be considerably easy the next time you utilize the Epic Games Launcher. Though the platform might be difficult to use, knowing certain fast workarounds, such as transferring your Epic Games games to a different directory without requiring a new download, can assist.

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