How to Design a Custom Xbox Gamerpic

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How to Design a Custom Xbox Gamerpic

So you have an Xbox Live profile, but you don’t want to utilize one of those stock profile images. What you need is a personalized Xbox gamerpic, but how do you go about making one?

We’ve got the details you need, so keep reading to learn how to make your own own gamerpic.

Getting Ready to Create Your Custom Gamerpic

You’ll need some picture editing software to begin. You may use whatever program you currently have, such as Photoshop. If you don’t already have picture editing software, have a look at our selection of simple, free image editing software and choose your favorite. will be used for demonstration reasons.

You’ll also need a picture to utilize after you’ve downloaded your program. You might use a photo of yourself, a random shot you’ve taken, or you could start from scratch. You have an option. The first step is to make a 1080×1080 picture in your preferred program, since this is the minimum needed dimension for an Xbox gamerpic.

Exporting Your Gamerpic for Xbox Live

Once you’ve chosen or generated the image you wish to use, copy and paste it into the 1080×1080 image you made in the previous step. Congratulations, you now have a picture that is the proper size. This, however, is just half the struggle. Now we need to export it in a format and size that Xbox Live can handle.

Actually, Xbox doesn’t specify file size limitations anywhere online, but to be safe, you should keep it under 600kb. This makes it easy to post, and keep in mind that people will seldom, if ever, view it up close, so super-large file sizes aren’t necessary.

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We suggest that you save your photograph in jpg/jpeg format. Because of the configurable compression of this format, this kind of export provides you far more control over the file size in most picture editing tools. Most applications should show you with a slider and projected file size when you save in jpeg format. Simply move the slider down till the file size is 600kb or less, then save the picture.

Uploading Your Custom Gamerpic

Now comes the exciting part: uploading your new Gamerpic. There are two options for accomplishing this: on your Xbox or on your phone using the Xbox app for iOS or Android.

Update Your Gamerpic On Your Xbox Console

You have two options for getting your own gamerpic onto your Xbox. You may either upload your picture to the OneDrive account associated with your Xbox account, or you can save it to a FAT32-formatted flash drive and insert it into the Xbox’s USB connection.

Log in to your Xbox account and turn it on. Then, on your controller, press the Xbox button, go to Profile & System, choose your profile, and then click My Profile. Change your gamerpic by going to Customize profile > Change gamerpic.

Now choose Upload a customized image and choose the image from your USB stick or OneDrive account. Crop as required, then choose upload to complete the procedure.

Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes for these changes to appear on your profile.

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On the Xbox Mobile App

First, use your favourite way to get the picture to your phone, then launch the Xbox app. To access your profile, click your current gamerpic in the lower right corner of your screen. Then, in the top left of the icon list, click the arrow/image icon next to your current gamerpic.

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You may now choose the picture you made. Remember that you’ll need to crop out everything in the image’s corners. Drag your fingers to the right to enlarge the circle that symbolizes your new gamerpic, then press UPLOAD to complete the procedure.

Please keep in mind that it may take a few moments for your new personalized gamerpic to appear.

That’s How to Create a Custom Gamerpic

You have everything you need to create your own personalised gamerpic using the information in this article. Remember, if you upload anything that is copyrighted or unsuitable for other users to view, you will get in trouble with Microsoft.

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