How to Delete Digital Games From Your PS4

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How to Delete Digital Games From Your PS4

You may remove downloadable games from your PS4 for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re clearing up space, or perhaps the game didn’t connect with you, but you might get it later, or you don’t intend to play this game again.

Whatever the cause, here’s how to completely erase digital PS4 games and fast find and re-download them.

How Do I Delete My Digital PS4 Games?

You can’t simply remove your whole digital PS4 game in one go. You must erase three pieces of your game separately: your game’s install data, stored data, and game media (screenshots and videos).

How to Delete Digital Game Data From Your PS4

You may erase your digital game data from your PS4 in three ways:

1. From your PS4 home screen.

2. From your PS4 library.

3. Go to your PS4’s storage options (where you can also bulk delete games).

Let’s outline each of these methods:

1. Select the game you wish to remove from your home screen, then hit the Options button on your PS4 controller, select Delete, click OK.

2. From the home screen, open your PS4 Library, choose the game you want to remove, touch the Options button, select Delete, then OK.

3. Navigate to your PS4’s Settings, then pick Storage, then either System Storage or Extended Storage—depending on where you put your game data. Choose Applications, then Options, and finally Delete. Select the game (or games) to remove, then click Delete and OK.

How to Delete Digital Game Saved Data From Your PS4

Then you’ll remove the stored data from your digital game. When you remove a PS4 game, your PS4 saves the stored data in case you wish to re-download your game and don’t have to start over.

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From your PS4’s home screen, take the following path: Settings > Application Saved Data Management > System Storage Saved Data > Delete

You may now remove one or multiple saved game files.

To erase stored data for a specific game, choose the game, check the saved data you want to delete, hit Delete, and then OK.

To erase several saved game data files, go to the Options menu and choose Select Multiple Applications. Tick the saved game (or games) data you wish to destroy, then click Delete.

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The third and last component is your digital game material, which includes images and video snippets from the game. It’s fairly similar to what you’ve been doing.

Navigate to the Capture Gallery on your PS4. Your game should be in a folder. Choose it, then press Options, then Delete. Tick the media items you wish to remove, then click Delete.

Now you’ve fully deleted all parts of your digital PS4 game!

How Do I Re-Download My Digital PS4 Games?

The benefit of digital games is that you may erase and redownload them as many times as you want—as long as Sony doesn’t decide to remove them from the PlayStation Store.

To re-download your digital PS4 titles, go to your PS4 Library and choose the Purchased section. Then, choose your game. This will take you to the game website, where you can simply pick Download to reinstall the game on your PlayStation 4.

You can also download games to your PS4 from your phone, which is quite convenient if you’re not near your console. Just make sure your PS4 is turned on or in rest mode.

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Add and Remove Your Digital PS4 Games From Your Console

You now understand how to remove your digital PS4 games! You may also rapidly move and download them, whether from your PS4 or your phone.

There are several advantages to purchasing digital PS4 games. What’s more, you may enjoy these digital purchases without an internet connection, which seems like a luxury in the age of DRM. So go ahead and play your downloadable PS4 games both online and offline.

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