How to Delete All Emails on Your iPhone

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How to Delete All Emails on Your iPhone

The Mail app on your iPhone organizes all of your emails. It allows you to check all of your accounts in one app, regardless of how many you have. The disadvantage of this is that your Mail inbox might soon fill up with so many accounts pouring into it.

This guide will teach you how to erase all of the emails in the Mail app on your iPhone.

Use Select All to Delete All the Emails in Mail

Simply follow these instructions to erase all emails from all accounts in the Mail app. To begin, launch the Mail app. Then, choose All Inboxes. This will open all emails from all of your accounts on your iPhone.

Tap Edit > Select All to select all of your emails. When you have selected all of your emails, a Trash button will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. By clicking this, you will delete all of the emails you have chosen.

If you use IMAP email accounts, removing them on your iPhone deletes them from the mail server as well.

How to Delete All the Emails From Only One Account

What if your Mail inbox is being clogged by simply one email account? For whatever reason, Apple does not allow you to delete emails from a single account using Select All. However, as a workaround, you may use these methods to send all of your mails to the Junk folder at once. Doing this too often, though, may teach the Mail program to automatically send messages from some of those senders to rubbish in the future.

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Rather of choosing All Inboxes in the preceding steps, pick an individual account or inbox. Then choose Edit > Select All. Tap Mark > Move to Junk at the bottom of the screen. If you want to free up space, go to your garbage folder and remove any emails that are in there. Email accounts may also be removed from your iPhone.

Delete All or Some of Your Emails With Ease

Delete all of your iPhone emails to clear up your inbox and feel more organized. It also takes up less space on your iPhone. If you don’t want to delete all of your emails, you may delete some of them by picking the ones you wish to remove.

You can also search for a certain term and only see emails that include that keyword. Simply pick and delete those emails. This is an excellent method for cleaning up after a new job or eliminating advertising communications. In any case, understanding how to delete all or portion of your emails from your iPhone is really useful.

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