How to Delete All Emails in Gmail

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How to Delete All Emails in Gmail

Do you want to know how to get rid of all those emails that are taking up so much space? You may want to delete all of the emails, but doing it one by one may be tedious.

In this piece, we’ll go through how to remove numerous emails from your Gmail inbox at once.

How to Mass Delete Emails in Gmail

The majority of email services have email filters that you may use to keep your inbox clean. Adding a filter, however, does not guarantee that you will no longer get unsolicited emails in your inbox. In such cases, the only practical option is to delete the emails that you no longer need.

Follow these instructions to remove emails from your Gmail inbox in bulk:

  1. Go to the official Gmail website.
  2. Enter correct credentials to access your account.
  3. Using the left sidebar, go to the Inbox tab.
  4. Click the Selectbutton, which is positioned to the left of the Refreshbutton.
  5. You will see a popup stating This page’s 50 discussions have all been chosen. In Primary, select all talks.
  6. To proceed, click the Select all talks in Primary button.
  7. Now, click the Delete icon to delete all of the emails in your inbox.
  8. Select Ok to confirm your selection.

To identify particular emails to delete from your account, utilize Gmail’s search tool. To remove all emails from a certain email address, for example, search for the email address in Gmail’s search box. Then, repeat the previous steps to remove all of the emails from your inbox.

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Managing Your Gmail Inbox

A cluttered inbox should not be an issue since Gmail enables you to swiftly erase emails from your account. You may quickly clear your Gmail inbox by deleting all of the unnecessary emails.

Although Google offers enough storage for your account, spam and promotional emails may still clog your inbox and use space that must be removed. Fortunately, you can simply free up space for future talks by mass-deleting these types of emails.

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