How to Create Vertical Presentations in Google Slides

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How to Create Vertical Presentations in Google Slides

Google Slides presentations are designed to be viewed on large displays, which are nearly always horizontal. But what if you want to make a presentation on a tiny or large vertical screen?

When you display a conventional slideshow onto the screen of your phone in portrait mode, you’ll see large black bars at the top and bottom of the slides. Google Slides will never take up the whole screen of your phone this way. Instead, generating a vertical slideshow is ideal for developing phone-friendly presentations that can be seen in portrait mode.

How to Make a Vertical Presentation in Google Slides

It is a problem of measurements when you change your slides from horizontal to vertical. You may arrange your slides in whatever size you desire. To produce vertical slides, we need the height to be bigger than the breadth in our situation.

If you’re doing a presentation on mobile phones, keep in mind that most modern phones have displays with 10801920 resolutions. These figures are in pixels. With these considerations in mind, let’s create a vertical presentation in Google Slides.

  1. In Google Slides, create a new presentation.
  2. Go to the File menu.
  3. Click on Page setup.
  4. Select Widescreen 16:9 and then Custom. There will be two text fields and a drop-down menu.
  5. Change inches to the desired unit. We’ll make advantage of pixels.
  6. Enter the width of your page in the first text box from the left. In our instance, that’ll be 1080.
  7. Enter the height of your page in the second text box. For this example, the year will be 1920.
  8. Click Apply.
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Your slides are now all vertical. If you already have a presentation and alter the page layout, the presentation will be in vertical shape. However, it’s conceivable that the items in the slide will be shifted, in which case you’ll need to perform some cleanup.

Google Slides themes are all compatible with vertical resolutions. If the default themes do not meet your requirements, you may get Google Slides themes from other sources.

Ninety-Degree Rotation in Your Google Slides

Though the majority of presentations are designed in horizontal ratios on horizontal displays, this does not imply that they must be! You can adjust the size of the slides in Google Slides to anything you want, and you now know how.

You may use the full size of vertical displays by making the slides vertical. Mobile phones and outdoor displays meant to broadcast ads are examples of this.

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