How to Create, Manage, and Disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android

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How to Create, Manage, and Disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android

We often do not shut Chrome tabs after using our mobile devices. We shut the browser, but the open tabs continue to grow. Finding the proper tab among hundreds of open tabs in any browser becomes very difficult the next time you use it.

Google Chrome has added the Tab Groups functionality, which allows users to organize open tabs into groups. This allows you to simply select out the tabs you need.

Let’s look at how to create and manage tab groups in Chrome on Android.

Create a New Tab Group in Android

In Chrome 88 and later versions, the Tab Groups functionality is enabled by default and fully functioning. So, before going, please upgrade your browser.

Create a new tab group by following the steps below.

  1. In Chrome, go to the tab switcher.
  2. Tap the three dots menu button in Chrome’s upper right corner.
  3. Select Group Tabs.
  4. Select the tabs you wish to combine into a single tab group.
  5. Tap on Group.

This will group your chosen tabs while leaving the other tabs as independent tabs.

Simply long-press any of the remaining open tabs in an existing tab group and drag it to the group.

You may add a new tab to the same group of tabs by hitting the + button in the tab group. When you click on any tab inside a tab group, a tabs bar appears at the bottom of the screen. This displays the icons for all tabs in the same tab group.

This enables for quick moving between tabs in the same group when browsing.

You may also add one or more articles to the tab group when surfing any website by clicking on the article URLs. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Long touch on any article link when browsing a website.
  2. In the group, tap Open in a new tab.
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Articles uploaded through a hyperlink are added to the tab group with the most tabs. If there is no existing tab group, it will immediately establish one.

Ungroup and Close Tabs From Tab Groups

To ungroup a tab, long click it and drag it to the Remove from group box at the bottom of the tab group. This leaves the tab open but takes it out of the group.

Simply hit the close (X) button to shut any tab in the tab group and delete it from Chrome. After that, your tab will be removed from the tab group.

At the bottom, an Undo box will appear, giving you one final opportunity to restore the closed tab to the tab group. This popup is useful if you accidentally dismiss a tab, but it only lasts five seconds.

To close the whole tab group, visit the list of tab groups by tapping on the tab switcher. Shut the whole tab group to permanently close it (X).This action, like closing a tab, can be undone in five seconds.

Difference Between Grouping Tabs on Android and Desktop

Chrome for desktop’s Tab Group functionality is more versatile. A tab group may be named and have a default color set. It is simpler to recognize the tabs in each group with both of these characteristics than to open each one separately.

These functionalities are not available in Chrome for Android. As a result, maintaining several groups on Android is more difficult than on the PC.

Nonetheless, Chrome for Android has an advantage when it comes to combining several tab groups. While Chrome desktop simply enables you to move tabs from one group to the next, Chrome for Android allows you to combine whole tab groups into one.

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Can you save a tab group to access it later?

There is no option to store the list of tabs in a tab group in Chrome for Android or Chrome for the desktop. Chrome extensions such as OneTab and OneTab Plus may allow you to keep a list of websites as a group, but there is no such option on an Android smartphone.

While there is no limit to the number of tabs you may group in one group tab, you cannot open all of the tabs in any group at once. As a result, you’ll have to manually open each one in Chrome for Android and Chrome for desktop.

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How to Disable Tab Groups

For a few months after it was launched, Tab Groups was an experimental feature in Chrome. Back then, you could choose whether to activate or disable it. It is, however, now a fully working feature in Chrome. After Chrome 88, the tab groups and grid view flags were deleted from later Chrome versions.

Despite the lack of these flags, there is a solution that you may try: disable tab groups or grid-view in Chrome. This is how you can accomplish it:

  1. Enter chrome:/flags into the URL bar to access the Chrome flags section.
  2. Look for “temporarily unexpired.”
  3. Disable two flags: M89 flags that are about to expire and M90 flags that are about to expire.
  4. Relaunch the browser once.

The flags for tab groups and tabs grid-view are now available in the Chrome flags section. Disable both flags and you’re done. You may reset the above two flags to their default values at any time.

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The approach described above for turning off tab groups is similarly temporary and may be removed in a future release. If this is the case, the only option is to downgrade Chrome to a version older than Chrome 88, or to use an other Chromium-based browser, such as Brave.

Here’s how to turn off tab groups in previous Chrome versions.

  1. Open Chrome on your phone.
  2. Enter chrome:/flags into the URL bar to access the Chrome flags page.
  3. Enter “Tab gr” in the search box.
  4. Change Enabled to Default for all tab flags from the dropdown menu.
  5. Relaunch browser once.

Group Tabs to Improve the Workflow

Keeping tabs organized in your browser by grouping them. This allows you to swiftly and effectively transition between tabs that are closely connected. By grouping many tabs together, you may concentrate on one job at a time, reducing multitasking and feeling less overwhelmed.

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