How to Create Bookmark Folders in Brave, Chrome, and Edge

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How to Create Bookmark Folders in Brave, Chrome, and Edge

Bookmarks are a terrific way to navigate the web quickly. Do you know what a better shortcut is? Bookmarking folders Bookmark folders, to be sure, require one or two more clicks. However, if you have a lot of bookmarks, folders might help you clear up your taskbars and discover what you’re looking for faster.

There are several browsers available, but the majority of them manage bookmarks and bookmark folders in similar ways. This post will show you how to do it in Brave, Chrome, and Edge. If you use another browser, the procedure will most likely be identical.

How to Create Bookmark Folders in Brave

Brave is a crypto-friendly web browser that is available for free. Brave’s easy interaction with browser wallets, as well as its own native wallet, making it useful for Web3 browsing. You may also use it to surf the web without advertisements or as part of a rewards program.

Select the pancake stack menu symbol in the top right to create a new bookmark in Brave from the page. Then, with your mouse over Bookmarks, choose Bookmark this tab from the dropdown menu. You may alternatively right-click the bookmarks tab and choose Add bookmark, however this requires you to write or paste the URL.

Right-click the bookmarks toolbar to create a new bookmarks folder in Brave. Then click Add Folder and provide a name.

Drag & drop bookmarks from the toolbar into the specified folder once it appears in the toolbar. You may also reorganize bookmarks by dragging them from the folder back onto the taskbar.

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You may also use the Bookmark Manager for a more comprehensive picture of what you’re doing. From the homepage, click the gear symbol in the bottom right to access your preferences, and then choose Bookmarks from the banner across the top. This manager may also be found by choosing Bookmark Manager from the Bookmarks dropdown menu above.

How to Create Bookmark Folders in Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular online browsers, thanks in large part to Google’s ownership. A chrome account, in addition to accessing the most popular search engine, incorporates Google-owned applications ranging from Drive and Docs to YouTube. Chrome also simplifies Bookmarks.

Click the star symbol on the far-right side of the search bar from the site you wish to bookmark. If all you want to do is create a bookmark, just click the Done button. Otherwise, use the More button. In the bottom right, click New Folder to create folders and arrange bookmarks.

As with Brave, you can add bookmarks and files to a new tab by right-clicking on the bookmarks toolbar. You may also access the bookmarks manager using dropdown menus from the stacked-dots symbol in the top right, much as in Brave. You may, however, go straight to Chrome’s bookmark manager by right-clicking the bookmark toolbar.

How to Create Favorites Folders in Edge

While Internet Explorer was primarily used to download other browsers, Microsoft Edge is now the second most used Web browser. The Microsoft-native browser integrates with Microsoft’s internal suite, including Outlook email, OneDrive, and the Microsoft Office platform, and utilizes the Bing search engine.

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Edge features “favorites” instead of “Bookmarks,” but the mechanism is otherwise comparable. Click the star symbol in the far right of the search bar to favorite a page. If you’re in a hurry, you may also use Ctrl+D on the keyboard. The interface is identical to Chrome after that, including the More button for more features.

Similarly to the other browsers listed, you may create folders by right-clicking the bookmarks toolbar. To access the same menu, click the horizontal dots symbol in the top right and choose Favorites. But that’s all there is to it. Edge, unlike Brave and Chrome, lacks a separate “Favorites manager.”

Fill Those Bookmark Folders!

Do you use the same browsers for work and for play? Do you handle a variety of projects in the same browsers? Or do you just have too many bookmarks on your toolbar? Whatever your situation, if you use bookmarks, you can undoubtedly make greater use of them with bookmark folders.

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