How to Create and Use Memoji on Your iPhone

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How to Create and Use Memoji on Your iPhone

The True Depth camera on your iPhone does more than just unlock it. Apple said in 2017 that animated emoticons, or Animojis, will be available with iOS 11. The camera was utilized to bring certain known emoticons to life by mimicking your emotions and movements. But it was merely the beginning.

Apple’s Memojis subsequent editions take this to a whole new level by enabling you to build your own animated emojis. Not only can you make a cartoon version of yourself, but you can also bring it to life like conventional Animojis.

So let’s take a look at how Memojis work!

Which iPhones Support Memojis?

You can use Memojis if you can use Animojis on your iPhone. Initially, the technology could only be used on iPhones equipped with a True Depth camera, beginning with the iPhone X. Anyone with an iPhone 8 or later may utilize Memojis with iOS 13 or later.

Despite the fact that the animated messages are only available in iMessage, “green-bubble buddies” on Android devices may still receive Memojis as a picture or a video.

How to Create a Memoji on Your iPhone

Memojis are created in the same app that Animoji texts are recorded: the Messages app. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Hit on an existing discussion in the Messages app, or tap the Compose symbol to enter the New Message box.
  2. Next to the text box, tap the Apps symbol.
  3. Select the Memoji sign with a camera focus.
  4. To the left, scroll. Select the New Memoji option.

You’ll be able to make a Memoji in your likeness here. Your changes will be reflected in real time as you make them. Pull a couple faces to see how your new Memoji fits.

There are twelve distinct categories to modify. There are several customization options available in each category:

  • Skin: Skin color choices are available, including a slider for fine-tuning. You may even select gray skin, Shrek green, or crimson for when you’re very enraged. You may also add freckles, blush, and a beauty spot.
  • Hairstyle: You may choose between natural color hues and highlights. These are not gender-separated, as are all of the options in the Memoji maker.
  • Brows: Change the form, thickness, and color of your brows. You may also add brow piercings and a forehead mark in this area.
  • Basic eye color and eyelash adjustments are available. You may also use eyeliner and eyeshadow as discreet makeup. If you have heterochromia, you may alter your Memoji’s eyes independently to reflect your true self!
  • Head: Includes age and head shape choices.
  • Choose from three nose sizes and, if desired, add piercings.
  • Mouth: Customize the lips, teeth, and tongue here. There are several lip colors and shapes to choose from. Don’t be frightened to embrace braces or tooth gaps when it comes to your teeth! You may also get tongue and mouth piercings.
  • Ears come in three sizes. You may change the color of your jewelry by adding various earrings to each ear. It’s also possible to add AirPods or hearing aids.
  • Facial Hair: This category includes sideburns, a variety of beards, stubble, and mustaches, as well as the choice of natural or unnatural coloring.
  • Eyewear: There are several designs of glasses to pick from. You may also change the frame and lens colors (and adjust opacity, so you can still see your eyes underneath if you want).
  • Headgear: Select from a variety of hats, beanies, helmets, and religious clothing in various colors.
  • Clothes: If you think a floating head Memoji looks weird, you may add clothing to give it limbs and a body. Only Memoji stickers, however, will show them.
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You may edit your work until you’re satisfied, then touch Done in the top-right corner of the screen to complete. Your Memoji, along with the other Animojis, will be stored to the Memoji list.

Have some free time after finishing your Memoji? See what more you can do with your iPhone’s iMessage applications.

How to Send Memoji Messages

You can send Memoji messages in the same manner you send conventional Animojis if you have an arsenal of likenesses at your disposal. Launch the Messages app, create a new message or choose an existing discussion, and then select the App icon. Locate the Memoji button above the keyboard and choose your likeness.

There are three basic methods for sending your Memoji to others. You may take a Memoji selfie, shoot a video, or utilize the iPhone’s Memoji stickers.

Send a Memoji Photo

You may transmit a single, still photograph of your Memoji with a certain emotion. Make a funny expression, then tap on your Memoji. This inserts the picture into the text box, where you may leave a remark and click Send. Because iOS delivers the Memoji as a picture, this will work with both iMessage and Android users.

Record a Memoji Video

Hit the Record button once to record a message of up to 30 seconds in length, then tap it again to complete your recording. If you wish, you may record for as long as you hold down the Record button.

Swipe left and right after recording a message to utilize it on other Memoji or Animoji. Tap Replay to see your video again. Keep in mind that the recording includes sound. When you’re finished, press the blue arrow button to upload the video and then click Send.

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Check out our instructions on how to record a Memoji movie on your iPhone for lengthier recordings that preserve your real-life backdrop and superimpose the Memoji on your face. Similarly, if you plan to utilize FaceTime, consider how Memoji may be a fun effect to add to your calls.

Use Memoji Sticker Packs

Another way to put your new Memoji to work is through sticker packs. Once you’ve created your Memoji, your iPhone will produce them for you. Memoji stickers may be sent via the Messages app or other third-party messaging applications.

Tap the Stickers button in the iMessage app list above your keyboard (the icon shows a Memoji with heart eyes).Tap and drag a Memoji sticker into the discussion, then release it over a message or picture to which you want it to attach. If you like, you may squeeze the sticker with your free finger to grow or reduce its size.

When you submit your sticker using the aforementioned manner, only Apple users will be able to see it. To transmit a Memoji sticker to an Android user, touch on it once to submit it as a picture. Then press the Send button.

Tap on the text field in third-party applications like WhatsApp to bring up your keyboard. Select the Emoji option. To access your commonly used Memojis and Animojis, scroll to the far left. To access the whole sticker set, tap the ellipsis symbol. Then, just touch on your favorite sticker to send it immediately. This approach does not allow you to adjust the size of the sticker.

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How to Edit, Duplicate, Delete, or Create More Memojis

To modify an existing Memoji, locate it in your list and hit the ellipsis button in the bottom-left corner, which will bring you three options: Edit, Duplicate, and Delete.

Press Duplicate to rapidly clone your Memoji before making modifications, or tap Edit to make minor changes. Consider include a version of oneself wearing sunglasses or other eyeglasses. Remember, you don’t have to be perfectly accurate here. Apple introduced this option just for fun, so play around with it and see what you can come up with.

If you no longer desire a Memoji, just choose Delete from the three alternatives offered. A popup will appear asking for confirmation. To delete your Memoji, click the Delete button.

You are free to make as many Memojis as you like. To begin working on a new one, just return to the app menu, choose the Memoji icon, and hit the New Memoji button.

Memojis Are Like Animojis, But Better

It’s funny to morph into a monkey, shark, or dinosaur and watch Animojis copy your emotions. Memojis, on the other hand, make messages even more entertaining with their extensive customizing choices.

Some message effects are only available to Apple users. However, in the case of Memojis, Android users can view them as well, so you don’t have to worry about leaving out your family and friends.

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