How to Create and Scan QR Codes on Chromebook

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How to Create and Scan QR Codes on Chromebook

QR codes, or quick response codes, are enhanced barcodes that hold more information than ordinary barcodes. Because these codes are two-dimensional, you may scan them vertically or horizontally.

QR codes may be used to understand or transfer data such as plain text, URLs, payment information, Wi-Fi authentication, and more.

So, let’s look at the many techniques for creating and scanning these quite useful codes on your Chromebook.

Creating a QR Code on a Chromebook

There are two simple methods for creating QR codes on your Chromebook.

Using the Google Chrome Browser

This technique is the simplest since it does not need the usage of a third-party software or service. Right from the default browser, you can generate QR codes for various websites and Google Play app URLs.

Navigate to the website or Google Play page where you want your QR code to take you. When you click twice in the address bar, two additional icons will display in the right-hand corner.

The square-shaped symbol, which resembles the Windows logo, may be used to generate a QR code. Download the QR code by clicking on the symbol.

By default, Chrome saves the files in the Downloads folder.

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Using a Third-Party QR Code Generator

There are plenty great QR code generators available online. You may use these generators to generate codes for URLs, vCards, Wi-Fi, SMS, App Stores, and much more. To make a QR code, just click on the kind you want and input the data into the fields provided.

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Here are a couple of solid QR code generators on the web:

You may also install and test these Android applications built specifically for this purpose.

QR Code Generator (Download) (Free, in-app purchases available)

QR Generator Pro may be downloaded (Free, in-app purchases available)

Scanning a QR Code on a Chromebook

There are several techniques for scanning QR codes, just as there are for making them.

Using the Camera App

Chromebooks come with a Camera app that has the ability to read QR codes. To access the app drawer, click the Launcher in the bottom-left corner.

Now, click the Caret icon () to open the app drawer and locate the Camera app. Once the app is launched, look for the identical square-shaped QR code symbol on the screen. It is commonly seen in the upper-right corner.

Your Camera app will be ready to scan QR codes as soon as you click the icon. Simply set one in front of the camera on your Chromebook, and it will scan the code for you.

Using Third-Party Apps and Services

With the rising popularity of QR codes, there are several applications and services available to scan these codes. Check out these Android applications with over 100 million downloads and high reviews on the Google Play Store:

Download: QR & Barcode Scanner (Free)

QR & Barcode Reader (Free) (Free, in-app purchases available)

If you don’t want to install a specialized software for this little activity, you may utilize an internet service instead.

Make Full Use of QR Codes on Your Chromebook

As previously stated, Google has made the Chromebook somewhat compatible with QR code technology. You may use the techniques described above to fully leverage and integrate this technology.

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QR codes aren’t only for sharing text, URLs, and other data. You may also experiment with the QR codes generated by your Chromebook.

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