How to Create and Edit Goals in Google Calendar

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How to Create and Edit Goals in Google Calendar

You most likely have a number of objectives in mind. Tracking your progress is crucial, whether it’s more exercise or reading more books. What if you could accomplish all of this while simultaneously using your calendar app?

Google Calendar is a useful program for organizing your objectives and monitoring your days. The Google Calendar Goals tool enables you to set aside time for essential activities in your life and guarantee that you do them.

Creating Goals in Google Calendar

You can only create a goal in Google Calendar using your mobile app. You may see and change your objectives using the desktop app.

To create a goal:

  1. Click on the plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on the Goal option that appears alongside the flag icon.

When you set a goal, Google Calendar suggests many options for you to choose. Exercising, learning a new skill, and spending time with family are all options. If none of these solutions are suitable, you may create your own. However, it’s helpful that Google offers default selections to get you started.

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As an example:

  1. Start by picking the Exercise option.
  2. You’ll see a series of suggested exercises along with a custom option. Pick Walk for this example.
  3. Next, you can choose how often you want to achieve this goal. Choose 5 times a week.
  4. Now you can choose how long you’d like the walk to be. Let’s go with 30 minutes.
  5. The final question allows you to select a preferred time of day. Choose the Afternoon.
  6. You will now see a summary of what you’ve selected: 5 sessions a week of 30 minutes each in the afternoon. You also have more options. They’re not directly related to your goals, but they can help you optimize their calendar integration.
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By default, you’ll get a ten-minute reminder, which you may erase if you choose. You may also set or disable smart notifications, which ping you before and after sessions. They will assist you in planning your day. You may also change the background color.

You may return to the previous screen by clicking Save. The final thing you need to do is click the checkbox. When you click that box, the app will calculate the optimum time for your objective and schedule it in your calendar.

You’ll be presented with a calendar view that includes an entry for the walk. It happens at 2 p.m. in the scenario below. You may adjust the timings by selecting Adjust time or by selecting Looks nice if you’re satisfied with your selection.

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How to Edit Goals in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a stroll booked for the next several days. This pertains to the five walks you should do each week. They will be arranged to coincide with your other activities and appointments.

Examine the schedule in further depth using the desktop version now. You may view your upcoming walks by scrolling down. However, if you have another engagement at the regular time, Google will have rescheduled the stroll to accommodate it. In the example below, there is an office presentation on Wed 22 at 12 PM, thus the stroll is scheduled at that time.

But the system is smarter than that. Assume you have a goal and someone invites you to a meeting. We’ve included an hour-long Sample meeting between 2-3 PM in the sample below. When you save this meeting, Google will reschedule your objective for you. The plan was to walk at 2 PM, but the calendar moved it back to 12 PM. As a result, Google Calendar may reschedule objectives for both previous and new appointments.

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Of course, you may still change your target schedule if you don’t feel like walking at a given hour one day. To modify the slot, just click and drag the objective to another time.

If you need to remove a goal in Google Calendar, just click on it and then the delete option with the trashcan symbol on the right.

The desktop version allows you to update and amend your objectives, but it does not allow you to create or start a new goal. You’ll need to accomplish this using the mobile app.

Assume you achieved your aim today. When you open your goal, you’ll see a little Did it button. When a goal is completed, you may pick it and Calendar will mark it as completed.

Don’t worry if you mistakenly achieve a goal; you can reverse it. When you open a finished goal, you’ll notice Mark at the bottom as not done. The prior act of crossing off the goal will be undone.

Tracking Your Google Calendar Goals

You may also see how many times you fulfilled a goal on the smartphone version. To do so, just click on your goal, and the metrics will appear. The little circular graphs will show your progress.

You should be able to view the progress from the past four weeks if you scroll to the left. Even if you began a goal today, you’ll be able to view the whole history. Calendar will fill up the preceding weeks with your progress as time passes.

If required, you may also alter or amend objectives in Google Calendar. Begin by selecting the Edit pencil icon located at the top of the goal view. You have the option of changing the 5 sessions every week. Perhaps the frequency was a bit too frequent for you, and you believe it should be three sessions per week, each lasting around half an hour. Simply choose your preferred option, and Calendar will rearrange your desired appointments accordingly.

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Google Calendar Is Your Go-To App

Almost every Android smartphone comes with Google Calendar and an iPhone version is also available. As well as particular calendar engagements, you may make use of the app to establish a timetable to monitor your objectives. There is no need for a separate app; this capability is already in your hand.

Other goal trackers are available and they can give you more features. But if you like to keep things simple and light, Google Calendar should be your first choice.

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