How to Create and Customize a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

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How to Create and Customize a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

A pie chart is one of the most effective methods to graphically portray data. A pie chart depicts how a whole is split into its constituent parts, with each component represented by a slice.

Pie charts are simple to construct and edit since they can only show a single data series. This post will demonstrate how to create a pie chart in Google Sheets.

How to Create a Pie Chart

Creating a pie chart is simple after you’ve collected all of the necessary information.

Begin by choosing the cells that hold the information. Select Chart from the Insert menu. Google Sheets will generate a chart based on the information you provide. The default chart is usually not a pie chart, but don’t worry, we’ll modify it in a few clicks.

To open the Chart editor window, double-click the chart. Open the Chart type option in the Setup tab and pick Pie Chart. There are three alternatives available to you: Doughnut chart, pie chart, 3D pie chart

Once you’ve chosen on the sort of pie chart to use, Google Sheets will insert it.

Note: To bring up the editor, double-click on the pie chart if you haven’t picked all of the required cells or if you need to add additional data. Then, to add new data to the chart, update the cells underneath the Data range.

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How to Customize the Pie Chart

Now that your Google Sheets pie chart has all of the necessary data, it’s time to personalize it. Double-click the chart to open the Chart editor, then click the Customize tab. The pie chart’s customization options may be found here.

  • Chart design. You may change the color of the backdrop and chart borders, add a different typeface, and make the chart 3D or maximized.
  • The pie chart. Use this box to customize how the data is shown in the chart. For example, you may use the Slice label drop-down menu to express data as Value, Percentage, and so on. You may also change the pie chart into a donut chart by specifying a Doughnut hole value.
  • A piece of pie. By detaching a slice from the center, you may alter its color and make it visible.
  • Titles for the chart and axes. Change the title and caption of the chart, as well as the font, font size, color, and format.
  • Legend. Controls the legend’s location, typeface, and font size, among other things.
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Add a Pie Chart to Your Presentation

Hopefully, you are now looking at a personalized pie chart that has all of the relevant information. If you need to represent more sophisticated data, Google Sheets has a plethora of alternatives.

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