How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook

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How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook
How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook

Sending emails to a group is becoming increasingly usual in both our professional and personal life. You may utilize groups at work for your project team and at home for your personal family members. Using Microsoft Outlook to create an email group for a distribution list might save you a lot of time.

Once the group is created, you can simply copy and paste it into an email to reach several individuals with a single message. If you’ve never done something like this before, we’re here to assist. For both Windows and Mac, here’s how to create a group in Outlook.

When it comes to Microsoft Outlook, there is no distinction between a contact group, contact list, email group, or distribution list. Both words are interchangeable.

In truth, the Microsoft Office support website currently uses the phrase “Contact Group” rather than “Distribution List”:

To send an email to a group of individuals, use a contact group (formerly known as a “distribution list”).

The words Contact Group (Windows) and Contact List (Mac) are used by Outlook on its ribbon, menus, and support pages. As we go through the processes below, they are the terms you’ll hear the most.

Prepare to build your contact group by opening Outlook on your Windows PC. If Outlook is stuck on loading the profile, follow the steps in our linked troubleshooting guide to continue.

    Contact group option
    Add member button
  1. Simply double-click a member’s name in the popup window to add them to the Members section at the bottom. When you’re done, click OK.
  2. New member dialog

When you’ve finished adding members to the group, click the Save & Close button on the ribbon.

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Compose an Outlook Group Email on Windows

When you establish an email group in Outlook, you have many options for delivering messages to the members. You may send emails straight from the Mail area, or you can go to the People section, choose a group, and then send the email. Both strategies are described in detail below. Choose the one you like.

1, Compose an Email From the Mail Section

You may email that contact group you established in Outlook’s Mail area by performing the following.

  1. Click New Email.
  2. Address bar
  3. Select the group and click OK when you see it.

2. Compose an Email From the People Section

Click the contact group in your list if you are in Outlook’s People area. Then, click the Mail button, and a new email will appear with the group’s name pre-populated in the To box.

Mail icon for group

If you use Microsoft Outlook for work on a regular basis, you may go a step further and setup it for project management.

Open Outlook on your Mac and begin creating your contact list.

    Contact suggestions
  1. Simply provide their names and email addresses when adding new contacts. You may also add a Category to the group from the ribbon before leaving. There are alternatives such as family, friends, and team.
  2. When you’re done adding people to the list, click Save & Close on the ribbon.

New Contact List Button Grayed Out on Mac?

This is an easy remedy if you are unable to click the New Contact List button in the People section’s ribbon.

  1. From the menu bar, choose Outlook > Preferences.
  2. mac-outlook-preferences-general
    General settings Outlook

Compose an Outlook Group Email on Mac

You have many options for sending messages to your email group when you create it in Outlook.

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1. Compose an Email From the Mail Section

Because you’ll most likely be in Outlook’s Mail area, use these steps to email the distribution list you generated.

  1. Begin entering the name you gave to the contact list in the To box. Alternatively, on the right side of the field, click the Search button. In the top box, look for the list.
  2. Group suggestions in Outlook

2. Compose an Email From the People Section

If you are in Outlook’s People area, just hover your cursor over the contact list and select the Email button when it appears.

A new email with that contact list in the To line will open, ready for you to create your message.

Compose a new email in Outlook

Speed Things Up With Outlook Groups

If you send emails to the same individuals on a frequent basis, building a group may help you send messages in a matter of seconds, saving you a significant amount of time. Creating a personalized group may seem daunting at first, but once completed by following the procedures given above, you will be able to spend your precious time doing something more useful than sending out emails!

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