How to Create a Timeline in Google Slides

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How to Create a Timeline in Google Slides

Incorporating a timeline into your presentation is an excellent method to condense material and explain your brand’s narrative more effectively. Instead of switching back and forth between your company’s accomplishments and future objectives, provide your audience with a visual picture.

Write down the facts you wish to include in the timeline before you begin. Make careful to just include relevant information, since it should not be overcrowded with text and callouts.

1. Use a Timeline Template

If you don’t want to spend the time building your own timeline diagram, or if you don’t require a detailed image for your presentation, Google Slides provides a simple option. You may pick one of the provided templates and modify it to fit your needs.

To integrate a timeline graphic into your Google Slides presentation, follow these instructions.

  1. Check that you’ve picked the correct slide, then open the Insert menu and choose Diagram.
  2. Select the Timeline template from the right sidebar.
  3. Configure your diagram using the Dates and Color drop-down choices. When you modify the color and amount of dates in Google Slides, the previews will adapt so you can see the timeline’s style.
  4. To put one of the timelines into the slide, click it. There are many field texts depending on the template you choose, such as project name, project manager, task descriptions, and so on. Simply double-click the text areas to add information to the timeline.
  5. Use various hues to show progress over time. To alter the color of an element, select it and then click the Fill color toolbar button. The colors that have previously been used for your timeline are indicated under Custom.
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It is possible that you may need to copy the diagram to a separate slide. Select the full diagram, copy it, then go to the other slide and paste it there.

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2. Create a Timeline From Scratch

If you can’t find a Google Slides design you like or if you need additional customization choices for your presentation, you may build a timeline from scratch using shapes, call outs, and text boxes. While it will take longer than just importing a template, you can receive a schedule tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Here is how you can create a timeline in Google Slides:

  1. Add the timeline axis. Select Line from the toolbar menu. You are free to use whatever line style you wish. We’ll use a straight line in this example.
  2. Open Line Colour while the line is chosen to change its color. Then, choose Line Weight and adjust the thickness.
  3. Insert the shapes that will hold the dates. Open the Shapes drop-down menu from the Insert menu and choose the desired shape. Circles, rounded rectangles, hexagons, and other shapes may be used.
  4. After you’ve inserted the shape, resize it and modify it using the Fill color, Border color, Border weight, and Border dash options.
  5. Copy and paste it as many times as you like to enter dates. When rearranging these shapes, Google Slides will display you rules to ensure that they are all on the same axis and have the same space between them.
  6. To add callouts for each step in the timeline, choose to Insert > Shapes > Call outs and pick one. Alternatively, you may choose any shape from the Shapes menu.
  7. Using the tools listed above, resize and alter the call out.
  8. Copy and paste as many times as necessary. Then, following the recommendations, reorganize the callouts.
  9. You may arrange the call outs on both sides of the axis to avoid cluttering the timeline. Rotate the callout by right-clicking it and selecting Rotate > Flip Vertically. The text in the flipped call outs will be upside down. Insert a text box above them to fix it.
  10. Put all of the parts together. When you’ve finished selecting the whole timeline, go to the Arrange option and choose Group. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + Alt + G keyboard shortcut.
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Improve Your Presentation With a Timeline

Hopefully, you are now looking at a timeline that depicts the growth of your company or project. Including a timeline is one of many strategies to improve the visual attractiveness of your presentation and offer easy-to-understand ideas or concepts.

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