How to Create a Template in Google Docs

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How to Create a Template in Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most widely used writing applications. With good cause. Google Docs has a plethora of handy tools and features that make any sort of writing activity easier. This article delves into Google Docs templates.

Why You Should Create Templates Inside Google Docs

Everyone wants to save time. One of the most effective methods to do so is to eliminate monotonous duties. If you have to generate a document every day, the minutes it takes build up over time.

Making a Google Docs template might assist you in reclaiming those minutes and putting them to greater use. Instead of starting from scratch every time you require a document, you may just open a template and get started.

You can use Google Docs to build templates for whatever you write, including emails, contracts, blog entries, books, meeting notes, social media postings, memos, and much more.

How to Create Google Docs Templates Using the Template Gallery

There are two ways to make templates. You’ll use the Template Gallery for this first one. To utilize this strategy, you must have a premium Google Workspace account. After you’ve opened Google Docs, follow the instructions below.

  1. Create your template inside Google Docs and save it with a file name you’ll remember.
  2. Go back to your Home screen.
  3. In the Template Gallery, select Template gallery and your organization’s name.
  4. Then, select Submit template and upload the document you wish to use as your template.
  5. After locating your document, select Open.
  6. You’re done when you click Submit. Your template is now available in the Template Gallery.
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How to Create Google Docs Templates Using “Make a Copy”

Another option for making your own templates is to create a Google document, label it “template,” and store it to a location that you can readily access. Simply create a duplicate of the document to use when you need it.

To copy a document, highlight it and choose the three-dot menu. Then, choose Make a copy. You may then modify the new document as you like.

What Else Can You Do With Google Docs?

When it comes to document creation, Google Docs is unrivaled. You can use Google Docs to create anything from contracts and business papers to writing and formatting novels. What are your plans for Google Docs?

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