How to Create a Rainbow Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator: 2 Ways

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How to Create a Rainbow Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator: 2 Ways

Adding a vivid rainbow gradient to text is a terrific way to jazz up an otherwise mundane design piece. There are two simple techniques to produce multicolored gradient text in Adobe Illustrator, each with its own set of applications.

Adding a gradient to a readymade typeface is a simple way to add some interesting color to your text, but it lacks the personalization that comes with utilizing a font. You can quickly create the particular “feel” of vibrant hand-drawn letters by using the Blend Tool.

1. How to Make Rainbow Text With Gradients

In Illustrator, you can easily apply coloured gradients to your lettering. Regular, uninteresting typefaces may be made lively and colorful by making your own unique gradient with whatever color pattern you like. This method enables you to apply the gradient to any font type in your system.

Although applying gradients to typefaces is an excellent way to personalize your text, this approach only applies gradients to pre-existing font kinds and is not suitable for producing new letters. However, there are several websites that allow you to make bespoke fonts.

Type your text using the Type Tool (T). If necessary, use the Properties window to format the text. If you can’t see the Properties panel, go to Window > Properties to bring it up.

Because you cannot apply a gradient to live text, you must outline it. When you’ve finished formatting your text, right-click it and choose Create Outlines. This option disables the writing’s editing capabilities; nevertheless, you may still format it.

If you wish to change the letter spacing, connect or make ligatures, right-click the text and choose Ungroup. Move the letters around or add new parts to the design. When you’re finished, select everything and utilize Pathfinder’s Unite feature in the Properties panel.

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Choose the gradient option in the toolbar’s Fill color swatch after selecting the text. The default gradient is a black and white gradient that aligns to each individual word rather than the full text. To modify the gradient, use the Gradient panel (Ctrl + F9 on Windows and Cmd + F9 on Mac).

To change the color, click the first circle beneath the gradient slider. Then, to add several colors, click just underneath the gradient slider and again on the color-changing circle that emerges. You may add as many colors as you like and arrange them as you want to create a rainbow effect.

You may also adjust the gradient’s style, which might be radial, linear, or freeform. We’ve already discussed how to make gradient backgrounds in Illustrator, which employs some of the same concepts. The linear gradient is excellent for rainbow lettering.

How to Save Your Custom Gradient Swatch

You may quickly store your customized gradient for later use. Draw a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool (M). It will instantly fill with your gradient if you do this quickly after making your text gradient.

Navigate to the Swatches panel. If you don’t see the icon, go to Window > Swatches to access the panel.

Select your gradient form, then click New Swatch at the bottom of the Swatches window to store it. Click OK after giving your gradient swatch a name. Your sample will be included at the bottom of the list of existing color and gradient swatches.

You must store the swatch in your computer system in order to access it in the future. Click Menu > Save Swatches or Swatch Libraries Menu > Save Swatches from the Swatches screen. Illustrator will open a default folder in the system’s swatch folder where you may keep it. Save the file after naming the swatch.

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Open the Swatches panel to see your own rainbow gradient. Select your stored swatch by clicking Menu > Open Swatch Library > User Defined or Swatch Libraries Menu > User Defined. It will be available for usage in your swatch collection.

2. How to Make Custom Rainbow Text With the Blend Tool

Using the Blend Tool, you can quickly create bespoke rainbows or color blends to add to any route. While this approach isn’t exclusive to creating bespoke rainbow text, it is an excellent way to create a customised text design. The Blend Tool may also be used to generate an auto-populated color palette.

Draw a tiny circle using the Ellipse Tool (L). Fill the circle with your gradient’s initial color. Copy the circle (Windows Ctrl + C, Mac Cmd + C) and paste it next to the original (Windows Ctrl + V, Mac Cmd + V). Change the color of the second circle to the color of your next major gradient.

Repeat for as many rainbow hues as you like. Place all of the circles adjacent to each other.

After selecting all of the circles, go to Object > Blend > Make. This will transform the circles into a mixed color line. Increase the Specified Steps to 100 or higher by going to Object > Blend > Blend Options. Deactivate your gradient line.

Draw your text using the Brush Tool (B), Pencil Tool (N), or Pen Tool (P). You must ensure that every handwritten content connects, even if it is a different word. When you’re satisfied with the text path, select both the path and the gradient line. For handwriting, a tablet with a stylus is an excellent idea.

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Replace the spine by going to Object > Blend > Replace Spine. This causes your gradient line to follow the line of your text route. You have now totally personalized your hand-drawn rainbow text. If you wish to modify the form of your text at any stage, you may click to adjust the route, but the thickness of the circles cannot be changed after they’ve been blended together.

Create Fun and Colorful Rainbow Text in Illustrator

In Illustrator, you can quickly apply unique gradients and rainbow effects to your text. You may add a rainbow gradient to existing fonts by using the gradient Fill, and you can compose your own rainbow text by generating a gradient using the Blend mode. Both of these methods provide different outcomes.

Adding rainbow gradients to your writing gives every typographic design a joyful and colorful unique vibe.

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