How to Create a QR code for Your Google Docs

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How to Create a QR code for Your Google Docs

QR codes, in case you didn’t know, are the finest. That is, if you wish to share a digital file with anybody who walks by with a smartphone. Which you may want to do from time to time.

They’re more convenient than sending links through email. In fact, you don’t even need the recipient’s email address to send them a file through QR code.

QR codes may be used to communicate a variety of items, but did you know they can also be used to share Google Docs? We’ll demonstrate how.

Google Docs has more features than many users realize. Some of these tools are concealed in plain sight, while others are buried in menus and toolbars. The tool for creating a QR code for a Google Docs document is both.

If you’ve never done it before, you may be amazed at how simple it is. If you’ve tried it previously, you may be disappointed since it isn’t much easier.

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Two Ways to Generate a QR Code to Your Google Docs

There are two methods for creating a QR code for a Google Doc. The first is more evident, yet both are equally simple. All you need to know is that they function.

1. Just Like Any Other Chrome Page

You can build a Google Docs URL in the same way that you can make a QR code for any website. Left-click the URL in the text box at the top of the page while Google Docs is open in your browser.

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This results in a square icon appearing in the far-right corner of the text field. To add a QR code to your Google Docs, left-click this symbol. You may also download the code or copy a conventional text link underneath the QR code.

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When you have Google Docs open, you may create a QR code for the page by right-clicking in the toolbar above the document. This displays a pop-up menu.

You should see the button labeled Create QR code for this page about halfway down this menu, with the identical square symbol off to the right. To produce the QR code, download link, and text link, left-click this button.

What Are You Sharing When You Share a QR Code?

When you share a QR code to Google Docs, you’re doing the same thing you’d do if you provided someone the usual text link. That is, before you generate QR codes for your Google Docs, you must first understand the sharing rights that you have on that document.

Do you want other people to be able to share and amend the document after scanning the code, for example?

You may change these preferences by left-clicking the blue Share icon in the upper-right corner of your Google Docs.

Keep in mind that, although another user needs the Google Docs app on their smartphone to edit the Google Docs (if you grant them that access), anybody may browse the Google Docs as a website regardless of whether they have the app.

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So Many Things to Share!

All that remains is to wonder why you would want to share a Google Docs in the first place. Do you need quest notes for your tabletop game? To-do list and contact information for the home sitter? For home visitors, what is the network name and Wi-Fi password?

Any information that can be shared using Google Docs may also be shared via QR code.

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