How to Cool Down Your Room Without AC

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How to Cool Down Your Room Without AC

It’s scorching outside, and you need to remain cool. Either your air conditioner is broken or you don’t have one.

It’s one thing to get it fixed or to purchase an AC unit or fan, but all of these things take time. What are you going to do right now to remain cool? We’ve gathered the greatest methods on how to cool down a space without an air conditioner machine.

How to Make a Room Cooler Without an AC Unit

There might be a variety of reasons why the room does not have an air conditioner. Perhaps you messed up your air conditioner and it stopped functioning. But you need to calm down right now. Without an air conditioner, you’re left with tried-and-true methods for staying cool.

You can cool down a room without an AC unit by:

  • Turning off computers and entertainment systems
  • Knowing when it is better to open windows
  • Using light, cotton bedding
  • Using extractor fans in the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Using energy-saving lightbulbs
  • Cooking at strategic times
  • Keeping yourself cool

Let’s dissect these concepts and discover how to keep cool at any time of day or night.

Switch Off the TV, Games Console, and PC

The first step is to turn off everything that creates heat.

Your TV, like your computer, generates a lot of heat. On a hot day, even your laptop is likely to emit more heat than you want. Turn off your video gaming system as well.

The fans in such gadgets will already be running at full speed, forcing hot air from inside the equipment into your room. They need cooling just as much as you do, if not more. By turning them off, you may avoid system failures caused by overheating.

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Within 10 minutes of turning down your laptop or PC, you should notice a change. Turning off the television may take a little longer to have an effect. Meanwhile, game systems generate a lot of heat, so turning off your Xbox or PlayStation may have an almost instantaneous effect.

But it doesn’t mean you should stop reading. Open this page on your phone and continue reading for additional information on how to stay cool without an air conditioner.

Know When to Open Windows

You obviously know how to open a window. But do you know when to open a window to cool a room?

The guideline is straightforward in hot weather. Open doors and windows early in the day (typically around daybreak) to allow your home to cool down. Close drapes and seal outside doors later in the day as the temperature rises to keep the cooler air inside.

If you have a fan, turn it on to help with ventilation. However, rather of a battery-powered portable fan, this should be a bigger static or oscillating fan.

Stay Cool at Night: Use Cotton Bedding

Hot evenings are unpleasant. How can you keep your bedroom cool when the lights are turned down and everything is turned off but you’re still sweating?

You are already aware of when to open windows. To minimize bug bites on warmer evenings, you should already install a mosquito net over your windows and bed. Mosquito netting, like cotton bedding, enable ventilation, which keeps you cool.

Cotton bedding are ideal for hot weather. They keep you warm enough to counteract a chilly wind and allow you to control your temperature.

When the heatwave hits, cover your bed with lightweight cotton sheets.

Install Energy Efficient Smart Bulbs

Many rooms would be kept warm by old-fashioned lightbulbs. The incandescent characteristic meant that heat as well as light was emitted. This is ineffective in hot temperatures.

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Fortunately, most of these bulbs are no longer in use. While incandescent lights look to be making a return, energy-saving bulbs that emit far less heat are a better choice. And, if you have app-controlled smart lights, you can effortlessly turn them on and off with your phone.

Are you not utilizing smart bulbs? Here’s how to choose the finest smart lights for your needs.

Switch on Extractor Fans in Kitchen and Bathroom

We’ve already mentioned that some appliances should be turned off. However, there are several devices you may turn on to assist cool your house, such as extractor fans.

Extractor fans are used in bathrooms and kitchens to help with air circulation. Turning these on can make a significant difference. Even better, if the two rooms have a direct line of sight, utilizing one for air in and the other for air out may optimize airflow. This will help to enhance ventilation.

A standing fan might also aid in this situation. Oscillating fans are very effective for regulating airflow.

Use Strategic Cooking for Meals

In hot weather, it’s tempting to stand in front of an open fridge door. But what if you get hungry?

One method is to just consume cold meals. Salads, cold meats or substitutes, yoghurts, or anything else that will keep you cool. Cooking is definitely not a good idea.

If you must cook, choose cooler periods (maybe early morning and late evening) and cook as little as possible. So, if you’re cooking pasta with a sauce, microwave it to thoroughly cook it. Similarly, rather of having a burner radiating heat to heat the water, boil it in a kettle. Then add the water to the pasta in the pan and cook as usual.

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Cooking may have an effect on the air quality in your house. Consider purchasing an air quality meter when the heat wave has gone.

How to Cool Yourself Down

Finding strategies to keep oneself cool is also a good option when you don’t have an air conditioner.

Why? Perhaps you are the source of the heat in the room. After all, your core body temperature is around 36 degrees Celsius. To maintain that level, a lot of heat is lost via your head, arms, and hands.

So, what can you do about it?

Begin with a cold shower. This will not only chill you off, but it will also help you feel better. Wear light cotton or linen garments to increase airflow around your body.

Drinking something cold from the fridge may also help. It’s also a good idea to put your feet in a pail or tray of cooled water.

Meanwhile, movement produces heat. When it’s chilly outside, we’re urged to be active in order to warm up. So, locate a cool area to sip your chilled beverage. And keep yourself engaged by reading a book.

Stay Cool Day and Night Without AC

Using these suggestions, you should be able to ensure a cooler atmosphere and, ideally, a better night’s sleep.

Most of these suggestions should help you decrease the temperature to a comfortable level. Still experiencing problems and have a large enough fan? Here’s how to construct an ice-based air conditioner using a fan.

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