How to Check If Your Apple Device Is Eligible for Recall

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How to Check If Your Apple Device Is Eligible for Recall

Have you ever noticed that your Apple gadget is acting weirdly for no apparent reason? It may have been impacted by a manufacturing flaw and is now subject to a product recall.

Apple recalls items that have serious flaws that impair device functionality. With a recall program, Apple provides free repairs or exchanges for impacted devices. So, which Apple products have been recalled? And how do you know if you have one?

What Are Recalled Apple Products?

Apple has a history of recalling practically every sort of item at some point, from the USB Power Adapter to the iPhone, the AirPods to the MacBook. Recalls may occur months or years after a product was first released. In truth, Apple gadgets have had recalls at a variety of periods.

There have also been examples when a gadget has been repaired or exchanged but then exhibits the same flaws after years of frequent usage. In some circumstances, an authorized Apple repair shop may verify whether you are still qualified for the next round.

Many people don’t realize their devices qualify for these programs until they bring them in for repair anyway. However, even if your device is not exhibiting the problematic symptoms of the recalled models, checking for recalls can help you avoid encountering those issues in the future.

While official Apple announces recalled products on its official channels, many people do not regularly check these for information after purchase, so they miss the notifications. Thankfully, Apple makes it easy to check for yourself online. Here’s how.

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How Do I Find Out If My Apple Device Is Part of a Recall Program?

If you suspect that your device is not performing up to standard, go to the Apple Service Program page. Then, browse the list of devices to check if your Apple device is on the list.

Next, select your device type from the list provided and input your country or region. Make sure to input the country where you purchased your device, which influences whether it’s covered by the recall program.

Then, find your device serial number, enter it into the relevant box, and select Submit. From here, you can see if your device is eligible for the recall program.

How Do I Get My Recalled Apple Device Fixed or Replaced?

Once you have determined that your model device is eligible for recall, you have three options:

  1. Go to an Apple-approved service provider.
  2. Schedule a visit to an Apple Retail Store.
  3. Alternatively, contact Apple Support for a mail-in service.

For data protection reasons, back up your device and log out of all your accounts before sending your device in for repair. You may want to sync data to iCloud and create a backup to prevent losing your photos, videos, and apps.

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Take note that if your device has any additional damage that makes repair for the recall impossible, you will need to pay Apple to repair that issue first. For example, a cracked iPhone screen can prevent a battery replacement. In this scenario, Apple would need to charge you a screen repair before giving you the free battery replacement.

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Why Is My Device Not Eligible for Recall?

Apple still has final say for any free repairs or replacements. And there are several reasons why Apple may refuse to service your device, even if it has been recalled. Some recall notices also have set conditions that affect acceptance.

For example, the ongoing recall for the MacBook models affected by “staingate” are only valid for four years after the initial purchase. This means that if your device manifests these issues after four years, you will need to pay for the repair yourself.

In general, any history of tampering with your equipment or receiving repairs from non-authorized sources would render a recall program ineffective. Even if your gadget is in great working order, Apple-certified specialists can typically identify if a repair was not performed by them.

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