How to Check How Long Any Chromebook Will Get Updates For

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How to Check How Long Any Chromebook Will Get Updates For

Unfortunately, no computer or phone is indestructible. All gadgets ultimately cease receiving updates, therefore it’s a good idea to know when your devices will “expire” so you can prepare properly.

If you own a Chromebook or are considering purchasing one, we explain how to determine when it will cease receiving updates.

How to Check the Expiration Date for Your Chromebook

If you own a Chromebook and want to know how long it will be receiving updates, you may do so directly on your device. To do so, go to the bottom-right corner and click the clock and battery symbols, then the Settings gear. On the subsequent window, on the left side, select About Chrome OS, followed by Additional details.

You’ll see a field labeled Update schedule here. This indicates when your Chromebook will no longer get updates, for example, “This Chromebook will receive automatic software and security updates until [Month/Year].”

If this date has past, you will notice a date when your Chromebook no longer receives updates. If this is the case for you, you should replace your Chromebook right away.

How to Check the End of Life Date for Any Chromebook

On its Auto Update policy page, Google maintains a list of the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) dates for each Chromebook model. This is hidden on an enterprise and education support page, so regular customers may miss it.

Use the list to locate a model by the manufacturer to learn how long a certain Chromebook will survive. The model number should be simple to discover on any online retailer’s Chromebook product listing page, however bear in mind that some manufacturers use the same name for many Chromebook models.

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Acer, for example, sells numerous devices under the Chromebook 11 brand. These vary by model number, so make sure you check the correct device. If the model number isn’t given in the item’s title, look for “Item model number” or something similar on the listing page.

We can see in this example that Acer’s CB314-1H Chromebook will get updates till June 2027. Five years of usage is reasonable for a low-cost gadget like this, so it’s a nice investment. If you learn that a Chromebook is about to expire in the next year or two, don’t purchase it. Spend your money on a newer model that will last longer.

The battery life varies depending on the Chromebook. Google now provides around eight years of service for selected models introduced beginning in 2020, which is excellent—on it’s pace with what you’d get from a MacBook. This, however, is not true for all Chromebooks.

Please keep in mind that these dates are based on when a model was launched. Some Chromebooks on the market now are many years old, which may surprise you.

The Dangers of an Unsupported Chromebook

While Chromebook updates might include exciting new Chrome OS features, they are more crucial for deploying security fixes. Google will not resolve any problems with the browser if your Chromebook has past its AUE date.

Because we do so much in browsers these days, a security flaw might have serious consequences. Because you can’t install a different browser as you could on any incompatible OS, you’re left with few alternatives when your Chromebook expires.

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A Chromebook will not cease operating after its AUE, thus you may use it for a short period of time if necessary. However, as soon as you are able, you should get a new Chromebook. You may prepare for this by knowing when your Chromebook will cease receiving updates.

Know When Your Chromebook Expires

It’s simple to predict when every Chromebook will cease getting critical Google security upgrades. Use this information to determine when you’ll need a new Chromebook or to avoid purchasing a laptop that is towards the end of its useful life. Google cannot maintain devices indefinitely, thus a defined lifespan strategy is necessary.

If you want to retain your existing Chromebook for a long, modest enhancements like increasing storage capacity will help tide you over.

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