How to Check and Send Your Astrological Profile on Snapchat

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How to Check and Send Your Astrological Profile on Snapchat

Many Snapchat users are intrigued by the Astrological Profiles. You may now view your anticipated personality qualities as determined by your profile based on sun sign astrology.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your Astrological Profile on Snapchat and sharing it with your pals.

What Is an Astrological Profile on Snapchat?

The Snapchat Astrological Profile is an intriguing concept for starting discussions with your pals. It consists of 12 astrological signs and ten planets that give a broad tale about your and your friend’s personalities.

You may send an Astrological Profile to Snapchat users and share it with your connections. An astrological profile is worth reading because of the intriguing wording and appealing Bitmojis.

You may compare your characteristics and check whether your astrology defines your compatibility as more than just keeping Snapchat streaks.

Only mutual contacts have access to the compatibility and sharing capability. To read the other person’s Astrological Profile, you must be Snapchat friends with them.

How to Make an Astrological Profile on Snapchat

A simple process is used to construct an Astrological Profile. Here’s how to make your own.

  1. Sign in to Snapchat and tap your profile in the upper left corner of the screen. Users who have a narrative will see the highlight in the little circle. If you don’t have a narrative, it will display your Bitmoji.
  2. Your astrological sign is shown in purple next to your Snapchat score.
  3. To begin developing your Astrological Profile, tap the zodiac.
  4. To establish an accurate profile, fill out the My Birth Information box with your Birthday, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth.
  5. When your information is complete, tap Finish. The profile takes a few seconds to load.
  6. To learn more about your Astrological profile, click the Read More button.
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How to Share Your Astrology Profile on Snapchat

When your profile is finished, you may be eager to share and discuss it with your friends. After all, what’s the purpose of having one if you can’t talk about it?

The easiest approach to begin this discussion is to share your Astrological profile. We’ve gone through the many ways to share your Astrological profile below…

Sharing With Friends on Snapchat

You may share your zodiac profile with anybody on the list, from closest friends to random streak acquaintances. Contacts may be added through email, phone number, username, or Quick Add.

  1. Tap the zodiac sign to get your Astrological Profile.
  2. A paper aircraft icon may be seen in the bottom right corner. To open your buddy list, tap it.
  3. Scroll through the list to find the persons with whom you want to share your Astrological Profile. Just a polite reminder that since the profile is provided as a conversation, it will not count to your streak.
  4. Choose the people you want to share the profile with. It may also be emailed to groups.
  5. In the conversation, your Astrological profile will be supplied. The other individual has 24 hours to see it before the image expires. They may save the photograph to their camera roll or Snapchat chat as well.

Sharing on Your Snapchat Story

Share your Astrological Profile on your Story if you want everyone to see it. People may see your Snapchat story based on your chosen settings.

Depending on your comfort level and app connection, you may have a public, friends only, or bespoke visibility.

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To share your Astrological Profile on your Snapchat Story:

  1. Choose the zodiac sign that corresponds to your Snapchat score.
  2. Tap the arrow on the bottom right to see your recent contacts and add it to your Story.
  3. Select My Story.

The photo will be added to your Story. Your Astrological Profile is now visible to anybody who has access to your tales.

Snapchat is most likely not the only app you use. You may simply share your material despite the fact that it is not directly connected to the big social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook.

To do this:

  1. Look for an upward-facing arrow in the upper left corner of your screen when you open your Astrological Profile.
  2. To access all the applications and the list of often contacted persons, tap the arrow.
  3. Choose the social networking site you want to share it on. You may email the contacts and post the profile on your Story/Status.
  4. Press Send.

On some applications, like as WhatsApp, a pre-generated link is given to the person with whom you have shared your astrological profile. The user is sent to your Snapchat profile.

To watch your Astrology on Snapchat, that individual must have access to your Snapchat profile (through friendship).

How to Save Your Snapchat Astrology

If your friends do not have Snapchat, the app enables users to store their Astrological Profile as a photograph on their camera roll. After saving, you may share and email it to the selected recipients.

Here is how to save your Astrological Profile on your phone:

  1. Tap the zodiac sign to get your Astrological Profile.
  2. To launch a new menu, long-tap your screen.
  3. Choose Save to Camera Roll.
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You may now see your zodiac profile in your picture gallery, update it if necessary, and save it anywhere you like. You may even send it to pals who do not have Snapchat or who do not follow you on the app.

Zodiac and Streaks in One Place

Snapchat is one of the most interesting and entertaining social media platforms. We’ve seen a lot of improvements in its design and ability to keep its people interested over time.

If you’re into astrology, the Snapchat Astrological Profile might be a fun way to start a discussion with your pals.

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