How to Change Your Origin Account’s Automatic Update Settings

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How to Change Your Origin Account’s Automatic Update Settings

Origin, as one of EA’s digital gaming platforms, has a lot to offer. In addition to video games, you have access to useful tools that allow you to personalize your user experience. Automatic updates are included.

Changing their settings is something to think about, if only to keep them from interfering with your pleasure. Here are three basic changes you may make to the Origin app’s upgrading procedure.

1. Go to Your Application Settings

Click the Origin tab, then Application Settings, on the app. This is where you may change the performance of your account, such as diagnostics, alerts, and whether or not the Origin dashboard shows in-game.

When compared to EA Desktop or alternative gaming platforms such as Steam, EA Origin has flaws. But it doesn’t mean you can’t tinker with it and make it your own.

To change your automatic update settings, go to the Application tab in your preferences.

2. Go to the Client Update Section

The Client update box is simple and comprises three functions, each with its own toggle button:

  • Automatic game updates
  • Automatically update Origin
  • Take part in Origin technical previews.

All you have to do is click the button next to the desired function. It will become green, instructing Origin to download and install updates as soon as EA makes them available.

If you prefer manual updates, flip the corresponding toggle button to the off—or gray—position.

What Do EA Origin’s Client Update Options Mean?

When the app is active and online, automatic game updates improve titles on your Origin account.

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Automatic Origin updates encompass your whole account and the entire platform. These might take longer to install depending on their size.

Your third option is disabled by default. It allows you to test features before EA distributes them on Origin. These updates aren’t always perfect and may interfere with your game experience, which is why participation is entirely optional.

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Don’t Underestimate EA’s Services

Origin is problematic, but it’s been around a long time and continues to delight while also improving. After a few tweaks for better automated updates, in-game tools, and other features, you’ll grow to adore the platform.

In reality, with services like EA Play and Access, as well as dozens of successful games to its credit, the corporation continues to be a valuable asset to most gaming demands. Just learn how to utilize its items properly.

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