How to Change Your Minecraft Game Mode

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How to Change Your Minecraft Game Mode

Do you have any experience with Minecraft? Then you’ve certainly noticed that the characteristic blocky terrain seems relatively empty when exploring it. However, you’ve probably seen people playing Minecraft with a variety of additional game components, such as animal mobs and creepers.

So, where are they?

They’re clearly present. The issue is that you aren’t—-you’re playing Minecraft in the incorrect game mode. Here’s how to change your Minecraft game mode and go from Creative to Survival.

The Minecraft Game Modes

There are three basic game modes in Minecraft, as well as two less frequent modes:

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Adventure
  • Spectator
  • Hardcore

Below, we’ll go through the three primary Minecraft game modes and how to switch between them. We’ll also show you how to access Minecraft’s Spectator and Hardcore modes.

What Is Minecraft Creative Mode?

The most recognizable Minecraft game option is Creative, which allows you to construct your own world using an endless number of materials. There is no health meter, hunger bar, or experience counter in this mode, and you may fly about your globe.

You may kill monsters, but they cannot fight back; in Creative, you cannot receive damage or die.

What Is Minecraft Survival Mode?

You seek for resources, mine, and construct in Survival mode. You can also create, mostly for survival, but your options are restricted to what you have mined.

Keep an eye on the health and hunger bars, as you need to keep them topped up to survive. Avoid hostile mobs as they inflict damage and might even kill you.

The Minecraft Adventure Mode

This is a less-used option for Minecraft, mainly for creating worlds for others to play in. There is a limit on changing the map and blocks cannot be destroyed by hand.

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Instead, they’re mined only using a suitable item with the pre-determined CanDestroy tag. Similarly, building is only possible if a block has the CanPlaceOn tag. Otherwise, Adventure mode is like Survival.

How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft

Switching between the three main game modes in Minecraft is straightforward. Thanks to the similarities of the Minecraft game across mobile, desktop, and consoles, the following steps should work on all devices (with some exceptions) (with some exceptions).

For the best results, ensure your version of Minecraft is fully updated before proceeding.

How to Switch to Creative Mode

Minecraft’s Creative mode is an option you’ll find upon launching the game.

On game setup, click Play > Create New > Create New World. Here, click the Default Game Mode drop down and choose Creative.

You can also switch to Creative mode in Minecraft using the /gamemode command:

/gamemode creative

A faster command is also available:

/gamemode 1

Switch to Survival Mode in Minecraft

When creating a new game you’ll find Survival mode in the setup screen. Click Play > Create New > Create New World then Default Game Mode > Creative.

To switch to Survival mode in Minecraft, use the command:

/gamemode survival

You can also use:

/gamemode 0

How to Switch to Minecraft’s Adventure Mode

In Minecraft, there is no option to enable adventure mode. Instead, after your game is up and going, you must manually switch to Adventure mode. For instance, you might have created a detailed setting for your buddies to play in.

Switch to Adventure mode to restrict what they can do; to prevent the planet from being destroyed before the goal is reached, use:

/gamemode adventure

Alternatively, use the shorter:

/gamemode 2

A Note About Minecraft Game Mode Commands

While recent Minecraft versions all support the /gamemode command, older games do not.

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So, whether you’re using the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U to play Minecraft, the


The command is not accessible. As a result, these devices do not support the Adventure mode. Similarly, switching modes requires the use of conventional controller instructions.

How to Change to Hardcore and Spectator Modes

In addition to the regular three game modes, Minecraft Java Edition provides two additional options:


This is the most difficult mode since you only have one life. There is no option to change to a nicer game Minecraft mode once chosen. Similarly, Hardcore mode is not available.

Select Game Mode: Hardcore on the Create New World screen to create a hardcore Minecraft game. It should be noted that Allow Cheats and Bonus Chest are not accessible; in the meanwhile, the world is erased upon death.


This allows you to fly about a Minecraft environment and see what’s going on. Although you can navigate through solid things, no integration with items or mobs is available.

Spectator mode can be accessed using

/gamemode spectator

Alternatively, you may die in Hardcore mode. By hitting F3 + N, you can easily go from Creative to Spectator game mode. To return to the previous state, press again.

A keyboard command can also be used:

/gamemode 3

What About Minecraft Multiplayer Mode?

Minecraft may be played in multiplayer mode via game-to-game multiplayer, local split screen, LAN play, and servers, depending on your device. Most of the aforementioned game types are playable in multiplayer.

This implies that you may create a Minecraft world and then ask other people to join you in it. The advantage of this is that any device may host a multiplayer Minecraft session.

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While a dedicated server is undoubtedly advantageous (particularly for bigger groups), a multiplayer game may be hosted on anything from an Android phone to a desktop PC and beyond.

Almost any device may be configured to serve as a Minecraft server. It might be a PC or even something as inexpensive as a Raspberry Pi (how to set up a Minecraft server on Raspberry Pi).

Create a world and make it Visible to LAN Players for a basic Minecraft multiplayer game on your local network. Other players may then connect to the game and play with you.

Enjoy Minecraft’s Survival and Creative Modes

You should now be able to tell the difference between Minecraft game modes and how to switch between them. You may switch between Minecraft game modes by using a command, a keyboard shortcut, or a menu item.

Another Minecraft setting you should be aware of is full screen. To see Minecraft in fullscreen mode from the windowed version, use F11 on your keyboard.

Would you want to learn more about Minecraft? Then check out our Minecraft commands cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts to help you get most out of your gaming experiences.

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