How to Change Your Email Address on Payoneer

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How to Change Your Email Address on Payoneer

How to Change Your Email Address on Payoneer

If you need to change your email address on Payoneer but aren’t sure how, this tutorial will walk you through the process.

Payoneer is a popular PayPal alternative that enables freelancers and companies to pay and get paid all around the globe. And, like the majority of payment systems, it is linked to your email address.

But what if you’re changing email clients or your present email address is no longer active? It is possible that you may need to alter the email address linked with your account.

So, in this section, we’ll teach you how to alter the email address associated with your Payoneer account.

How to Change Your Email Address on Payoneer

Changing your Payoneer email address is simple. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Access your Payoneer account.
  2. When asked, enter your two-factor authentication code if you have it set up.
  3. Under the Continue to Account Home section, click Go.
  4. Go to the Settings menu and choose Profile settings.
  5. On the Name and email column, click Edit.
  6. Delete your existing email address, then input your new one and click Save. All Payoneer messages will now be routed to the new email address.
  7. When you click Send Email, Payoneer will send an email with a confirmation link to the new address.
  8. Click Submit after entering the 6-digit verification code supplied to your registered phone number. This is a two-step authentication process to authenticate your identity.
  9. Open your email and choose the Confirm Update option. Your Payoneer account will be updated with the new email address as soon as you do so.
  10. Check your spam folder if you can’t locate the email in your inbox. If you still can’t locate it? To get a new code, click the Resend email button.
  11. You’ll get a message on Payoneer’s website indicating your email address has been successfully updated.
  12. To confirm, go to Go > Settings > Profile settings > Profile settings > Name and email address
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What Happens After You Change Your Email Address on Payoneer

You do not need to update your password after changing your email address. Your username is the only thing that changes about your login credentials.

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All messages and email alerts will be sent to the new email address by Payoneer. Similarly, you should amend your invoices and notify any customers that your Payoneer email address has changed, if appropriate.

Don’t Get Stuck! Other Account Details You Can Change

After successfully changing your email address, you may repeat the procedure to modify your other profile information, such as your address and phone numbers.

However, depending on the cause for the name change, some papers may be necessary to change your name on Payoneer. Having said that, you should think about encrypting your account with two-factor authentication.

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