How to Change the Image Text Wrapping in Google Docs

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How to Change the Image Text Wrapping in Google Docs

So you’re attempting to arrange a picture strategically, but Google Docs won’t let you. It will only allow you to move the picture to particular locations in accordance with the text by default.

This is normally the case with Google Docs, but you have the option to modify it. All you have to do is adjust the image’s text-wrapping parameters to change how it responds when presented with text.

By default, all pictures in Google Docs are configured to inline with text in their text wrapping settings. This implies that the only space for your photos is between the letters, on the lines. You may adjust this option and insert your picture anywhere you like on your page. Continue reading to find out how!

Image Wrapping in Google Docs: What Are the Options?

Google Docs’ image wrapping options are comparable to those in Microsoft Word. Google Docs has five picture wrapping options:

  • Along with the text: This is the default setting. The location of your picture is restricted by this option to where the letters are. Your picture may be placed after any letter in the lines.
  • Wrap text: With this option, you may place your picture wherever in the content. If you place it in the midst of a paragraph, though, it will wrap the text to create room for the picture. With this option, you cannot place a picture in front of text since it would wrap the text.
  • With this feature, you may also place your picture wherever in the page. The difference between this and Wrap text is that it will break and rearrange the lines to create room for the picture. It does not affect the spacing between words as Wrap text does.
  • Behind text: This option positions the picture behind the text. This enables you to position the picture anywhere you like, but if there is text in the same location, the image will be hidden below the text.
  • In front of text: Like Behind text, this choice allows you to position the picture wherever in the page, even where there is text. When you place a picture on top of text, the image will appear in front of the text.
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How to Change the Image Text Wrapping in Google Docs

Assume you have a Google Docs document with text and a picture, and you want to insert the image beneath the text. To do this, adjust the text wrapping to Behind text. Let’s see how it goes.

  1. Select the image.
  2. Click Picture settings after right-clicking the image. This brings up the Image Options menu.
  3. Navigate to the Text Wrapping tab under Image Options. You can examine the many text wrapping options here.
  4. Select Behind text.
  5. Drag and drag your picture behind the text to the desired location. Tada!

By clicking the picture, you can also access the text wrapping options. The text wrapping options will be shown underneath the picture.

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Put Your Image Where You Want in Google Docs

If you’re new to Google Docs, you may assume that arranging your picture is difficult since you have to align it with your text. However, you may simply modify this by adjusting the text wrapping settings.

You now know how to place photos in your Google Docs papers anywhere you like. There is, however, more you can do with photographs, and there is no better time to learn than now.

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