How to Change Margins in Google Docs

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How to Change Margins in Google Docs

There’s more to producing a document in Google Docs than simply the content. A well-formatted paper is also essential. Line spacing, paragraph styles, and, of course, margins are examples of such features. And these kinds of features are particularly important for publications like school essays.

We’ll teach you how to modify the margins in Google Docs online and on the mobile app in this section.

Adjust Margins in Google Docs Online

You can modify the margins in Google Docs online in a few of ways. It is up to you which one you choose since they are both simple.

Change the Page Margins Using the Ruler

The ruler is the quickest and easiest method to modify your margins. If your ruler isn’t visible, go to View > Show Ruler in the menu. Then you’ll see a single display across the top and left side.

Place your mouse over the top of the rectangle/triangle combo on the ruler’s left side to adjust the left margin. A little arrow and a vertical blue line will emerge.

To reduce or raise the left margin, drag inside or outward. Dragging the rectangle or triangle independently will change the paragraphs rather than the page margin.

Place your cursor over the triangle on the right side of the ruler to alter the right margin. Drag inward or outward when you see the arrow and blue line to modify the boundary.

Put your pointer on the ruler where the dark region becomes white to modify the top or bottom margins. This will result in the appearance of a little arrow and a horizontal blue line. Then, to raise or reduce the margin, drag up or down.

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You’ll see the size (in inches) vary when you move your mouse as you drag to modify the margins using the ruler on either side. This allows you to be more specific. However, for more precision, follow the steps below to adjust the margins using the Page Setup.

Change the Page Margins Using the Page Setup

Follow these instructions if you wish to provide specified measures for your margins, such as one-inch margins.

  1. With your document open in Google Docs, go to the File menu and choose Page setup.
  2. Fill in the top, bottom, left, and right margin dimensions in the boxes beneath the Margins column.
  3. To apply the margin adjustments, click OK.

Set Default Page Margins in Google Docs

If you like, you may adjust the margins in Google Docs online to default measures. This manner, your margins will be the same size every time you create a new document. This is useful if you need certain margin widths for your papers.

  1. Open or create a new document in which you wish to use the default margin sizes.
  2. From the File menu, choose Page setup.
  3. Fill in the dimensions for all four sides in the boxes beneath the Margins column.
  4. Click Set as Default.
  5. Hit the OK

When you create your next Blank page in Google Docs, go to File > Page settings to make sure your margins are set to the default measures you choose.

When you create a document using a Google Docs template from the Gallery, you cannot adjust the margins to the default widths. However, you may still change the margins for templates as previously explained.

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Adjust Margins for Columns in Google Docs

You can still modify the margins in Google Docs and have them set differently for each column if you structure your page in columns.

You’ll use one of the techniques described above to establish the furthest left and right margins, which are technically page margins. As a result, you may utilize either the ruler or the Page setup menu. However, you will need to utilize the ruler for the inner margins and column indents.

When you click inside your first column, you’ll see a blue triangle on the upper right. This is the first column’s right margin. Drag the triangle inward or outward to change the column margin.

You’ll see the rectangle/triangle combination you use to modify the left page margin when you click inside the second column. Place your cursor over that combination and drag inward or outward to alter the margin of that column.

If you utilize a three-column layout, the ruler will display the same blue signs for altering your third column. Just keep in mind that they won’t show until you click inside a column.

Adjust Margins in Google Docs on Mobile

Working with margins on the Google Docs mobile app is a little different. The functionality is not available in the current version of Google Docs for Android, although it is available on iOS.

So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, here’s how to modify the margins in Google Docs.

  1. Open your project in Google Docs and go to the Menu by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Page Setup.
  3. Tap Margins.
  4. Choose from the following options: Narrow, Default, Wide, or Custom.
  5. Tap Apply.
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Narrow: 0.5-inch margins on all four sides.

Default: One-inch margins on all four sides.

Top and bottom margins are one inch, with sides margins of two inches.

Custom: Tap the numbers and use the keypad to adjust the margins to your liking.

Adjust Margins for Columns

To adjust the margins for columns in the Google Docs app for iOS, first edit the page margins as indicated above, and then raise or reduce the column spacing.

Here’s how to modify the column spacing after you’ve established the page margins:

  1. Select the Format option (capital A icon next to the plus sign at the top).
  2. Select the Layout
  3. To raise or reduce the gap between the columns, use the arrows next to Column spacing.

Download: Google Docs for iOS (Free)

A Margin of Difference

When it comes to establishing or altering margins in Google Docs, you have a few options. The ruler is quite useful for rapid margin modifications, whilst the Page configuration options are great for precise margin sizes. So, depending on your requirements at the moment, utilize one or both. Not to mention the opportunity to set margins as the default!

After you’ve figured out your margins, here’s how to double space text in Google Docs.

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