How to Change Directory Using Command Prompt (CMD) on Windows 10

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How to Change Directory Using Command Prompt (CMD) on Windows 10

Some may see the Command Prompt (CMD) as a relic of the past, but there are a variety of circumstances in which you may be required to utilize the system, even on Windows 10. To scan drives, you may need to change directories or utilize open-source software without a graphical user interface.

Continue reading to learn how to use the Command Prompt to navigate your computer.

How to Change Directory Using Command Prompt (CMD)

The first step is to launch an elevated Command Prompt window. CMD can be found in the search bar if you click Start and enter it in. SelectRun as administrator by right-clicking Command Prompt.

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This will launch an elevated Command Prompt window, enabling you to use CMD to execute administrator tasks.

To use CMD properly, you must use two commands: change directory and list directory.

Change directory:


List Directory


The list directory command displays a list of available directories, while the change director command moves you to the desired directory.

When you list the directories, you’ll note that no matter whatever folder you’re in, two special folders exist, one called ‘..’ and another designated ‘.’. The first is used to exit the current directory and refers to the parent directory above the one you’re in.

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An Example of Directory Changing in CMD

The following example should help you browse using CMD. It demonstrates how to go from System32 to your Downloads folder.

CD Users
CD [Your User Name]
CD Downloads

That’s How To Change Directories in CMD

You now understand how to change folders in Windows 10 command prompt. It should be simple to browse your system, and the next time you’re asked to execute some bizarre, antiquated task in CMD, you’ll have a lot simpler job of it.

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To really grasp the command line interface, you might consider learning some more commands.

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