How to Cast Local Media From Your Mac to Chromecast

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How to Cast Local Media From Your Mac to Chromecast

You can do a lot worse than purchasing a Chromecast if you want to cast entertainment from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or any other streaming app to your TV. The majority of popular streaming applications are Chromecast-enabled and can start playing content with the press of a button.

But what about the local press? Specifically, local media files stored on your Mac? How can you connect a Mac to a Chromecast to watch movies, TV episodes, music, photographs, and other things on the large screen?

We’ll teach you how to stream to a Chromecast from your Mac in this post.

Chromecast Apps for Mac Videos

We’ll start with movies since that’s where the Chromecast shines.

If you want to stream locally stored movies on your Mac to your Chromecast, you’ll need to utilize a third-party program.


Airflow is our first choice. It allows you to view local material on your Chromecast as well as any Apple TV boxes you have at home.

We really appreciate the app since it is so simple to use. After you’ve installed the app and completed some preliminary setup tasks, just drag and drop a video file into the program’s window to begin viewing.

Other notable features include subtitle support, playlist creation, synchronized playback locations, and 5.1 surround sound audio compatibility.

A license for Airflow costs a one-time fee of $18.99.

Download: Airflow ($18.99)


Videostream is another Chromecast app for Mac worth investigating. It was formerly only accessible as a web app, but a desktop version was made available in mid-2018. We still maintain the web app, but we do not advocate utilizing it.

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Videostream enters our list mostly due of the extensive array of video and audio codecs it supports. It has over 400 at the time of writing. The list is always expanding.

Once again, the setup is quick and straightforward. Once the app has found the Chromecast on your network, initiating video playing is as simple as picking the video to watch from the in-app browser. The video will begin pretty immediately.

Videostream, unlike Airflow, has a free tier. However, if you want to build and utilize playlists, change the size and color of your subtitles, use the night mode, or activate auto-play, you must upgrade to the premium version. A monthly pass costs $1.49, a yearly pass costs $14.99, and a lifetime membership costs $34.99.

Videostream also provides free applications available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. They may be used to control playback without touching your Mac.

Download: Videostream (Free, premium version available)

How to Stream Music to Chromecast From Mac

Your MacBook, like other computers, has rather modest volume output from its built-in speakers. We’ve discussed a few methods for repairing Mac audio, but utilizing external speakers (or headphones) is nearly always the best option.

If you have an expensive sound system linked to your TV, you should use it by casting your local iTunes collection straight to your Chromecast.

Airfoil is the finest method for streaming local music from a Mac to a TV. It can stream music from your computer to a variety of devices such as Chromecasts, Apple TVs, SONOS speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and HomePods. It even works with streaming services such as Apple Music (which is not Chromecast-enabled).

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The Airfoil app costs a one-time fee of $29.

If you don’t want to pay for Airfoil, you can upload all of your local music to Google Play Music, which is a less elegant option. You are allowed to upload 50,000 songs for free. As expected, Google’s own streaming music app is closely integrated with Chromecasts, making playing simple.

Download: Airfoil ($29)

Download: Google Play Music Manager (Free)

How to Stream Photos to Chromecast From Mac

If you’re wondering how to transfer photographs to your Chromecast from a Mac, you’ll be dismayed to realize that you have very few alternatives.

PictaCast for Chromecast is, indeed, the greatest alternative available. It’s a Chrome Web Store app, so you’ll have to use Google Chrome rather than your desktop to use it. It’s not great if you’re someone who despises using Chrome on a Mac.

Simply tell the extension which local photographs you want to see on your Chromecast, and then sit back and enjoy. Background music, slideshow speed, an on/off time display, and support for rotational screens are all customizable options.

The app’s free edition allows you to cast photographs for 30 minutes every day. If you need additional time, you must purchase the entire software for $2.

Download: PictaCast (Free, premium version available)

How to Cast Your Mac Desktop to Chromecast

Remember that if you have Chrome installed on your Mac, you may use it to cast your complete desktop to your Chromecast device.

To do so, launch Chrome and go to More > Cast. Then, from the dropdown list of sources, pick Cast desktop from your Chromecast’s name.

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Although this method allows you to utilize your Chromecast with any local media on your Mac, it is prone to lagging and low quality. As such, it is a dependable option for casting music and certain photographs, but it is not a long-term solution for casting movies and TV series.

The numerous options examined in this article demonstrate that a Chromecast may be used on a Mac. It’s not as simple as casting from Windows or Android, but it’s achievable.

However, if you’re a Mac user who doesn’t already have a Chromecast, we wouldn’t advocate purchasing one. Instead, consider purchasing an Apple TV, which is closely integrated with macOS and provides a less irritating and more fluid user experience.

Read our articles on how to combine AirPlay and Google Cast and how to view images on your Apple TV to learn more about streaming material from your Mac.

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